What you need to open a shop ?

What you need to open a shop ?

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What you need to open a shop?

Of course, the opening of the shop is a little tricky.Everyone who wants to open his own shop to think about many things, ranging from the preparation of documents and ending with the selection of personnel.Let us consider in detail how you can open your store.

package of documents for opening

to open a shop, it is necessary, first of all, think about the preparation of documents and legal matters.This is the most important stage.So, you will need to resolve the following legal issues:

  1. Determine the number of founders of the company.
  2. her name.
  3. main occupation.
  4. The amount of the authorized capital or to use as your property has.
  5. appointed general director and chief accountant.

Next you will need to obtain the following documents:

  1. certificate of registration of the legal entity.
  2. certificate of registration of TIN.
  3. NACE code.
  4. Also, you will need to obtain the opinion of the state fire supervision.
  5. conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor.
  6. Register control cash register.
  7. Get permission to install an advertising poster or billboard, signboard.

also need to carry out the registration in the pension, health fund, social insurance fund and implement the opening of a bank account.In addition, you will need to make a print, notarized.

best way to solve all these problems is to appeal to special companies that are engaged in these issues.The cost of settlement of all questions will vary depending on various factors, such as goods sold by you, the location of the store and others.

Selection of suppliers of goods and

In general, choose the goods and the supplier company should be on the following criteria:

  • quality of the product;
  • price of the product;
  • delivery schedule;
  • vendor reputation.

When selecting a supplier should not pay attention to advertising.Even if you see that it invested a lot of money, it does not mean that the supplier company has a really good reputation.Also, do not rely on the reviews on the net, reviews, stamped and signed by the heads of the companies that used the services of the provider.Remember that all these reviews can be purchased.The best way of selecting the supplier's reviews are people you know.

Selection of the room and its location

choosing space for the store should be guided by the following criteria: the cost of renting or buying premises.

parking, good location of the building, it presentable and other factors directly affect the success of the store operation.Also, great attention should be paid to the technical components: the availability of reliable electricity supply, the availability of telephone networks, Internet, water, the presence of security systems.

an equally important role to play and the size of the room.When you select the area you need to keep in mind that you should be given a room at the warehouse, it may be necessary office space and other.

store decoration

In terms of design shop you are free to follow their own imagination, but do not want to learn the basics of merchandising.Remember that the product must always look presentable, the most relevant items should be placed so that it was the most visible in the window.If you are planning to introduce discounts on your product, be sure to use bright tags with large letters with the word "discount" or "special offer".Include two options prices: one strikeout and another valid.The actual price should be lower.


personnel in recruitment, you should be guided not only age, work experience of candidates, their having higher education and sales skills, but also the ability to communicate, sociability and tact.Repellent on the specifics of your store, always keep in mind who you will be selling their wares.

You will also need to monitor your employees' clothes to fit the format of your store, as well as its specificity.Remember that among the stores, each can have its own format business clothes, such as strict, or conversely, bright style, elegant and discreet.

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