What do you call a restaurant ?

What do you call a restaurant ?

No wonder the choice of the name of what, or who, like, people pay attention.And all because the name of the restaurant, as well as the name, will accompany the entire life of the owner, determine and strongly influence the fate.And the head of the future owner the question arises - what to call it a restaurant?Agony and lamentation await restaurateur.Without this in any way.To facilitate the creative torments, explain the points of where to start and what should focus.

magic word "concept»

Before you begin to explore the beautiful names of restaurants, it is worth considering: a story can please the newly Restaurant?It is necessary to consider all the details: what the kitchen will be presented, the interior will be made in any style, any original ideas will be implemented in this institution.Invented?This is a restaurant-ship, an Indian restaurant with the elephants or a typical European version?Wow, a lot of options, but I want it really is something unique!The mystery hidden in the title imp

lies stronger than all sorts of so-called "delicious" names.

Tell a decisive "no", "sweet tooth", "sweets", "Yum."All of these names are good for quick, simple food industry.The name of the restaurant should be dignified, intriguing and inviting.This dogma.If sums own imagination, you can use the generator names of restaurants.Or turn to the words of the Lord - the namer.By the way, if you equate the best restaurants to name the best institutions of its kind, is recognized as the most popular, "Constellation of the East", "Bongiorno», «I Love Cake».And this is not the entire list.

How do you name?

Just thinking how you can call the restaurant, there is a lot of ideas.How to organize them?Here is a list of commonly used techniques.

  • Strength in name.Often restaurants named after any well-known figure.For example: "Onegin", "Nabokov".
  • Nationality in the trend.Also, the national names are used frequently.Here is an example: "Wasabi", "Genghis Khan."
  • Geography taxis.Any geographic location can be used in the title.In support of: "Asia Mix", "Arbat".
  • Inozemschina.There are foreign names: «Red Apple», «Mojo».
  • Literary verse.In naming the restaurants are very popular literary characters or works: "Mu-Mu", "Chichikov."
  • Trick to please the audience.Laugh no off once again, therefore, to invent original names of restaurants, "Stump», «Boobs», etc.

Yes, now food for increased reflection, but a little more, and the idea of ​​the name arises by itself.Good luck to you in the restaurant and shark business!