How to open a casino?

How to open a casino?

Casino, gambling - someone live without it can not, someone's like someone is against, but one thing remains unchanged - this is a great earnings, because, there is always a demand for gambling.It's one way of relaxing.And in this article, "Elhan" tells you how to open a casino.

advantage of online casinos is that the clientele you will have a huge - the whole world, or rather one where the online casino is not prohibited.And to the extent that in many countries, is not so easy to go and play in the casino, it is necessary to go to some special play areas.Many players easier to get online, and plunge into the excitement there.

How to open an online casino: options

  • contact the company to create a "turnkey business".Where everything is made for you within a specified period and for a certain amount.
  • Independent creation of a casino from scratch.

The second option, of course, the most labor, and not simple, but still realistic.

How to open an online casino: steps

  • Licensing
  • software (software)
  • staff
  • Advertising

And now take a closer look at each step.


In Fed.RF Law of 29.12.2006 № 244-FZ is prohibited to organize and carry out gambling via the Internet on the territory of the Russian Federation, thus, to create a legal business is one option - to register a business in the offshore areas.

conditions, the licensing process, as well as the costs associated with it, and the period of time required to obtain a license for gambling, will depend on:

  • the country (jurisdiction) in which you establish your business.
  • on the type of license (main or sub-license)

basic license allows the organization and conduct of gambling, as well as to engage in the provision of sub-licenses.An important difference between the jurisdictions is the system of taxation and reporting, the choice of jurisdiction should be made to the international lawyer for further advice.


First we need to choose a casino will be downloadable or your neskachivaemyh.The difference is that in neskachivaemyh casino players play directly on the site, and in the other case, they need to first install the program on their PC, and only then to play.

In addition you need to install the casino server, which will be located at the site of the casino registration, and by means of which will run your casino.

great importance to online casino players is soft and security.Therefore it is not necessary to save the software to your casino, all companies creating software for the casino have a flexible and individual pricing system, in addition there is an internet casino that they create for themselves the software.

It is important that the software was easy to use, sound and graphics should be of high quality and, of course, the games set to be wide enough.

Here are some developers for online casinos: Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Rival, GGS.

With regard to security, it is important to provide security deposit and withdraw funds, as well as the storage of personal data of players.


Of specific online casino personnel you need: round the clock technical support.The number of specialists will depend on the extent of your casino.In addition to these specialists you need experts that will ensure your organization the necessary reporting.


online casino success, like any business, and even more dependent on advertising.It is necessary to bear in mind that you have to work on a wide range of clients.Advertisement casino should be clear, and are on the site, at least related to the subject of gambling, in addition, is popular enough advertising in social networks.

Now you know that the earnings on the Internet at the casino - it's a great idea for a business that requires a decent financial investments and desires.