How to open a nightclub ?

How to open a nightclub ?

night club is considered to be a public institution, which works after 21-00, the purpose of which is to provide a pleasant pastime.Let's see how to open a nightclub, what documents are needed for this, and that it is necessary to take into account.

From an organizational point of view in the field of small business, a nightclub - time-consuming and risky undertaking.On success can be expected only if the person is sufficiently knowledgeable in this area or if you know there is a high class club promoter.In order to open a night club, you will need:

  • room, which should have a stylish interior and a parking lot;
  • package permitting and constituent documents;
  • network and audio equipment;
  • above-mentioned promoter, as well as staff.

Business Plan First of all, you need to create a business plan for the nightclub.You need to decide with what type of place you want to present to the public.To date, there are three varieties of nightclubs:

  • clubs designed for the broad masses of young people (y
    oung people);
  • specialized: for fans of hip-hop, rock fans, representatives of sexual minorities, etc .;
  • elite, for the selected type of public.

to make the right decision to choose the kind of night club, you need to learn all the details of the night life of the city.Do not forget to ask about the new movements in the world of fashion and entertainment.

documents and registration

Often, those organizations in whose name includes the word "club" are registered as non-profit.Register nightclub takes place in strict accordance with the laws of your country: the registration of the legal entity.For this procedure, you need the following documents:

  • authorization for the night club in the said territory (in the absence of premises: the act of the state commission on the completion of construction and commissioning, or the act of a coordinated project for construction);
  • regulations;
  • sanitary-epidemiological conclusion;
  • medknizhki staff of this club.

To register any for-profit company or organization, you need to collect certain information: Please inform yourself about all the future founders of the organization, information on the future direction and order of the management of the organization.Also, you must provide documents that confirm the location of the future nightclub.Then you need to contact your local tax office, fill out the application for registration of a non-profit enterprise.And only after that you can submit all documents for registration.Following the issuance of the registration certificate, a newly created entity, without fail, to be registered in a single state.Register of Legal Entities.From that moment, the club and starts their livelihoods.

Choice premises

So, all the necessary documents in your hand, now go to the selection of suitable premises nightclub.First you need to analyze the composition of future customers, because you need to focus on them.For example, modern youth club should be at the center of your city.But in the suburbs should have democratic institutions such as who will be visiting residents of the area.In both cases, the emphasis needs to be done at the convenience: the subway and public transport should be held close to the club.It is not necessary to consider the first floors of residential buildings as the location of your institution.Choose a separate non-residential building, preferably away from the sleeping area.You also do not want to received complaints about the noise and loud music.

Desirable room should have a large area to place the ballroom.Note the ceilings: they have to be quite high, because the ceiling is placed sound and light equipment.Workshops idle factories, the former House of Culture, abandoned cinemas (if available in the right area) - will be the ideal accommodation for your offspring.

Appearance and staff

In creating the interior should pay special attention, because it is an external and internal appearance of the premises, form a general impression of your institution.You can turn to friends and acquaintances for advice, or specific agencies that can offer a professional designer.Make your wishes on the interior, and the rest - trust in people who know.

all necessary lighting and sound equipment must be installed also.Invite competent professionals and do not try to save money on technical equipment of the club.Many deem low for a visit to the institution, which is outdated or poor quality equipment.

The next step is the selection of personnel for night club.The first priority is the selection of a competent and know their business promoter.He should be aware of all the new trends in modern club life.It was from his suggestions and ideas will depend on the income and the success of the night club.Next, you need to choose the staff, who also is the face of your institution, and affects the prestige and popularity of the club.

to attract audiences should organize a broad campaign of its nightlife.It can be carried out in the field of youth clusters in institutes and universities.You can advertise on a local radio station and enjoy the radiant prominent advertising signs and banners.

Do not forget to keep a finger on the pulse of life of his nightclub.Find a time as possible and for monitoring of staff, track spending funds.It is possible and necessary to give instructions to his promoter: he has one point of view, you have - different.However, it is possible to come up with a good plan for the development and attraction of visitors.