As pump shock absorbers ?

As pump shock absorbers ?

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As pump shock absorbers?

New shock absorbers must be bled before installation.This is because the device in the inner sleeve is air which is necessary for the proper functioning push automotive struts.Otherwise operation failure mechanism may lead to rapid failure.

General rules leveling shock absorbers Shock absorbers

  • pumped vertically (ie, stem up);
  • After leveling device is required to keep still in the upright position until the installation on the vehicle.

How to pump new shock absorbers

As pump pillars

  1. Install the shock absorber rod in vertical position up.
  2. Wait three seconds, and then slowly slowly squeeze device before the time, until the surface of the rod rests on the top of the cylinder to two or three centimeters.
  3. Fix the shock-absorber rod in this position for a few seconds.
  4. No sudden movements begin gradually pulling the stem to decompressed state.
  5. Repeat the above steps several times (two or three), ending the procedure on p
    aragraph four.
  6. then required to carry out the control procedure: holding the damper rod vertically upwards, sharp quick movements bleed stock.

As pump rear rack

  1. Turn the device rod downwards.
  2. Wait three seconds, then start flowing movements compress the shock absorber.
  3. Fix the shock-absorber rod for five seconds.
  4. Turn the shock absorber rod in the compressed position up while holding the rod.
  5. Hold the device in this state four to six seconds.
  6. Pull rod until end of turn smooth motion.
  7. again turn the shock absorber rod down and hold a few seconds.
  8. Repeat the operation from one to seven times to stay on point six (must be made at least five procedures for better device performance).
  9. then required to carry out the control procedure: holding the damper rod vertically upwards, sharp quick movements bleed stock.

remind you that after pumping new shock absorbers need to keep the device up to the top rod installed on your vehicle.

check the smooth movement of the stem After pumping mechanism: it should move smoothly and without major failures.If you hear other sounds, or the stock will not be enough to move smoothly, it is necessary to repeat the bleeding procedure to troubleshoot.

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Before replacing the shock absorbers, check its technical condition.How to inspect the device, read our article How to check the shock absorber.

How old pump shock

  1. Remove the fasteners from the old shock absorber.
  2. next step is to remove the top cap.
  3. Unscrew the nut and remove the rod from the cylinder.
  4. then need to drain the old oil by pressing on the valve at the bottom of the device.
  5. Remove clip, turn the cylinder and drain the remaining oil.
  6. Remove the detachable part of the device and check for defects (buy new parts if necessary).
  7. old parts needed to clean and remove them from fat.
  8. Then assemble the cylinder and fill up with new oil in the rack.
  9. Insert the cylinder into the rack and pull rod.
  10. then need to bleed the shock absorber according to the scheme described above (for the front or back of the device).
  11. After pumping, set the device in place.

If you have any difficulty in this task, you can always go to any auto repair.