How to make the exhaust ?

How to make the exhaust ?

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How to make the exhaust?

To get rid of the loud noise of exhaust that is produced by a car, you need to perform a number of operations.A person does not necessarily have a good understanding of the motor vehicle's exhaust system, you can always use our tip.The engine and exhaust system carry out their work in a balanced mode to not interfere in the work of the individual elements.And if this balance is disturbed, the result can deteriorate the work of all of the motor.Broken muffler needs repair, so first you need to make a silencer, and then make changes and updates.

How to make a quieter exhaust

should use the easiest way that reduces the unpleasant noise - to impose a "bank" (owners of the machines gave the name of the muffler tip)."Bank" has a circular cavity into which a tube with holes.The cavity is a filler, which acts as a heat-resistant fiber, fix a fine mesh.

make installation

  1. cut out a portion of the pipe in the region of the catalyst and the m
    uffler required length corresponding to the size of "banks", which established in its place.
  2. Remove the cut piece.
  3. carry out the installation and fixing "banks" to a cavity resonator using clamps and the sheets of asbestos (for sealing).

How do exhaust louder

One way is to remake "native" silencer, already installed in the car.To do this, stock up the necessary pipe sizes (individual metering), welding, grinder (drill) and metal sponges used for washing dishes.

Order of work:

  1. dismantle the muffler.
  2. grinder cut the top part of the muffler on the perimeter.
  3. We remove all the internal parts of the silencer.
  4. The pipe, which later set inside the muffler, grinder make a plurality of parallel holes.Holes can be made and a drill.Please note that the pipe should be smooth, smooth, and the size of the aperture to fully comply with the muffler.
  5. tube is welded into the muffler, and the remaining space is filled with steel wool.
  6. the upper wall of the muffler are welded into place.

After the specified number of operations exhaust sound becomes louder and rougher.If the sound at low speeds is not much stands out, it is necessary to add "gazku" and will hear the powerful roar of the engine.


beauty muffler give lining.They can be purchased at any auto shop.Decorative overlays just dress up in the pipe of the muffler, making it more attractive.Some of them can change the sound of the exhaust.

Species linings

  1. noise removal with carbon coating;
  2. Dual;
  3. wide oval;
  4. Sport;
  5. Nozzle «Hello Kitty»;
  6. Oval, curved at the tip;
  7. Nozzle-whistle;
  8. Backlit.

And this is not an exhaustive list of all possible species, their abundance.