How to make alignments ?

How to make alignments ?

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How do alignments?

for high toe-out will need special equipment - a stand to adjust the laser stand, a stop for the brake pedal, sensors, special softwarecomputer and many more.Normally with such equipment operating in the specialized automotive services.It is very expensive, but the setting and the alignment in the cabin will be costly.Therefore it is possible to make alignments by hand.

terms "collapse" and "convergence┬╗

Alignment - as is popularly known as the angles of the wheels of the car, which affect the stability and handling of the car on the road, as well as the wear of wheel tires.

Camber - the angle between the wheel and the vertical plane of its rotation.Tilt wheel (upper portion) to the center of the machine is considered negative, as the center, respectively, positive.

Negative camber is good for less tire wear on the wheels.But if you want the car had good grip, then you need to put a positive camber.Moreover, the front a little mor

e, because the front axle more loaded.

Convergence - the angle between the direction of motion of the wheel and the plane of rotation.

Positive and negative convergence is determined in the same way as the collapse.Positive convergence allows you to control the car at high speed.

If set negative toe, it will mean a good response to the turning of the wheels, as well as a high level of wear rubber.Negative toe to the rear wheels makes the car prone to drift.

The best option is to install a zero toe.

How to adjust the angles of the wheels with their hands

Thus, we consider how to make the alignments at home.First of all, we set the parameters that tell us about the necessity of such a procedure.It will be needed if:

  • you notice that the car is "wagging" to the right or to the left;
  • on the road you are in the pit, or a vehicle has been damage to the wheels;
  • changed clearance;
  • bad wheel returns to its original position when turning;
  • observed abnormal tire wear, the tires have erased unevenly or too fast;
  • car needs replacement steering or suspension components and more.

setup process will consist of two stages of the obvious - adjustable camber and toe adjustment.The procedure should be carried out when the vehicle is on a level surface.For it will need chalk, special tools (keys, line of telescopic type) and power cord with a plumb line.

Adjusting camber

  1. Set the wheels of the car smoothly and make chalk marks on them from above and below.
  2. Take plummet and attached to the label.It is necessary to match it precisely to the fact that we have identified.
  3. measure the distance between the marks.
  4. necessary to move the car forward a bit.Turn the wheel 90 ┬░ and repeat the measurement using the marks.Next, at 90 degrees again and make the necessary measurements.
  5. Remove the wheel.
  6. wrench Disconnect the strut bracket from the steering knuckle.We move the steering knuckle, according to our measurements, in the right direction and at the desired angle.

Adjusting toe

  1. Return the machine to its original position.
  2. Apply chalk marks on the inside of the wheel.
  3. Next set between labels pre-prepared line and set the pointer to zero.
  4. Serve the car forward (line will retreat).
  5. Once the line will be at the same level as the axis, write performance on the scale.It is important that line does not touch the suspension parts.
  6. Now the most important thing.To adjust the toe look, a distance between the front and rear steering rods.If more between the front - lengthen the tie rod if between the rear - thus shorten.To do this, you will need to weaken the lock nut and adjust the sleeve length.Convergence is configured correctly if the difference in dimensions less than 1 mm.

may seem that understand how to make alignments, it is simple, but in practice is better to entrust this operation specialists, no matter how much it may cost.

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