How to merge gasoline?

How to merge gasoline?

How to pour gasoline or any other fuel, knows almost every driver.However, sometimes it is required not only to fill, but also drain the fuel out of the car.It is not surprising, but this is also necessary.There are times when you accidentally filled not fuel, it is necessary to merge without fail, sometimes the fuel tank and the entire fuel system needs cleaning, and sometimes just need to substitute one fuel the other.And then especially acute question as to drain gasoline or any other fuel.


hose So, where to start and how to drain to drain gasoline from the tank?Many people have heard that you can drain the fuel hose.So, how to drain the gasoline hose?Common flexible tube or hose is lowered into the tank, the outer end of the tube is lowered into the fuel tank, and in general all.Fuel will flow by itself.Sometimes it is necessary to blow into the tube to pressurize the tank.However, this method is quite dangerous.After all, besides the fact that you breathe vapors of gasoline, it is likel

y that fuel can hit you in the mouth, which is not only unpleasant, but also quite dangerous.

Pear pump

second least known method is to use a specialized drain pear-pump.Pumping it, you'll be able to drain the fuel from the fuel tank, but it will take quite a long time.But this method has one significant and positive.When draining gasoline so you ensure your complete safety.

Note, however, drain fuel such methods can only domestically produced cars such as the WHA or Oka.Well, or in a car where there is no grid on the filler neck.If the neck of the tank in a grid, and it is very do not want to shoot, then drain the fuel can be another way.Jacking the car, open the drain hole in the bottom of the fuel tank and drain the fuel tude.However, this is problematic since the inaccessibility of the drain throat.

fuel system piping

How to drain the fuel from the domestic car we understand.How to drain gasoline from the car?The answer is simple.The following method is perfect for absolutely any vehicle as domestic "zhigulenka" and foreign Lexus.However, regardless of the brand and the country of manufacture of the machine, be aware that any car needs proper and timely maintenance of all systems.And the fuel system is no exception.

If you can not drain the fuel through the tank, it is possible to do it completely on the other side.Open the hood of your car, you need to find a fuel system piping.Disconnect the pipe at any place you can drain all the fuel completely.And it will be quite quickly and safely.If you disconnect the tube to the fuel pump, the fuel will flow by gravity and to fully discharge required a lot of time.If you disconnect the pipe after the fuel pump and start the engine, the drain can be done much faster.

summarize, we note that the fuel drain - it is a great and important event.This operation does not require any special training, but this should be done very carefully and gently.After all, sometimes on the correct and timely implementation of measures to drain it depends on the performance of your car, and even your health.