Removing the rack ?

Removing the rack ?

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Removing the rack?

most important part of the automotive suspension is stable.During operation, they are subject to wear, that has a bad effect on driving performance.and this not only unforeseen financial costs - huge problems may arise in the negligent attitude to the replacement of the equipment.

When driving on rough roads can hear strange noises in front of the suspension.It is likely that this knock worn desk that you want to replace in the shortest time.

When is the selection of new parts, you need to carefully inspect the product and to select items under a certain brand of car, because the quality may not be accurate, and not fixing approach.


  1. should know that work on resistant replacement - a laborious occupation, but doable independently.Here we will need a tool called "spring tie".perform this procedure will be almost impossible without it.
  2. work vehicle suspension depends on the shock absorbers, which directly interact with the racks.
  3. Ongoing work to replace the same for both front and rear racks, but the shock absorbers have the characteristic features regarding installation.

Removing the racks: manual

  1. initially put the car on the jack so that the tire hung over the land.
  2. To prevent movement of the machine, reliably fix it with the help of available funds.This may be a block, brick, or even any item that can keep the car stationary.Do not forget about the existence of the parking brake.
  3. Remove the wheel and unscrew the two mounting bolts of the rack, as well as a nut, which is fixed to the steering rod.Steering shoot tip with a special key.If there is none, just knock the is recommended to use WD-40 If you have problems during operation.
  4. tolerate nut bearing, which is located under the hood on both sides and unscrew the key head-to turn away 22.
  5. fasteners rack.Under no circumstances do not dismantle the bowl support fully, because the spring can "shoot".
  6. To fix the set of springs on both sides of the screed, strictly opposite each other.

installation of new counters

  1. Making sure that the spring is well tightened, unscrew the nut 22 that holds the upper reference point.To this end wrench compresses the shock absorber rod, located close to the support.
  2. Remove the support together with the spring.
  3. In the same way you want to install the spring on the acquired rack and secure firmly support.
  4. Set rack in the seat and fasten all the necessary details, including the knuckle and tie rod.

Features replacement car racks

  1. When performed to remove the back rack, remember that they need to change the pair, as in the case of replacement of the rack on one side only, can be caused by an imbalance in the movement.Suspension will be under constant load.The front strut
  2. operate independently of each other, therefore their installation can be made separately.
  3. Do not forget about elementary safety precautions when replacing struts.

These works are relevant primarily for VAZ.foreign-made machines is better to send for repair service.