How to remove the fuel pump ?

How to remove the fuel pump ?

Gasoline pump is a special pump that is used to pump gasoline into the carburetor (injector) from the fuel tank.Removal of the fuel pump may be required, for example for replacement or washing of the fuel pump grid.In this article we will tell you how to remove the fuel pump in the old and new machines, because its type and location vary, depending on the vehicle model.

petrol pump in new machines

To begin with, how to remove the fuel pump in the new car.Today, manufacturers produce vehicles with electric pump, which is located directly in the tank.Of course, it is quite an easy task, because in order to remove the fuel pump, it is necessary first to dismantle the entire fuel tank.However, if you strictly follow the instructions, you succeed.First, an important recommendation: try to shoot the fuel tank when it either does not have fuel or very little fuel.Now open the trunk and loose approach to the fuel tank - for example, remove the spare tire, if it interferes.Once you gain access to the fue

l tank, remove the electrician, and then the fuel pipe.Next, remove the sensor at the top of the tank and disconnect the neck of the tank (it is necessary for some models).Once you have released the fuel tank from all hoses and wires, as well as additional equipment, you can start it off, which you need to simply disconnect the attachment.Now, place the tank on any stable and level surface, and remove the fuel pump, which unscrew the bolts by which the fuel pump is attached to the fuel tank.Do not forget to remember what and in what sequence you do, so you can easily return everything in place.

Cleaning and replacing components

To get the fuel pump filter, you need to loosen the bracket, with the help of which is attached to the filter and pump.Decompresses the bracket and pull the filter for inspection and washing.If it is very dirty, it is best to replace it immediately.The new filter is put in place and secured with the old guard.Then, insert the lower part of the fuel pump into the bracket and put the entire structure to its original location - the fuel tank.Sometimes it is necessary to change not only the filter, and the whole fuel pump.In this case, the pump must be completely dismantled, which weaken the clamp at the top and disconnect the hose from him, and then the wiring.Next, separate the bracket from the lower end of the fuel pump and remove the rubber pad.Now we have to take a new fuel pump and connect it properly.

Removing the old petrol pump?

Here, everything is much easier, because the older models in order to remove a mechanical fuel pump, it is not necessary to remove the fuel tank as the pump, usually located at the top of a car engine.For its removal use wrench and screwdriver.First, disconnect the pipelines and then unscrew the fuel pump itself by removing the protective cover, if necessary, which is located on top.Now remove the filter (mesh) and wash it or put a new one if it is very dirty or has some damage.Then put back the gasoline pump and connected pipelines.

Removing the fuel pump on the Lada Priora?

As a specific example of how to remove the fuel pump, take the common "Lada Priora".Before removing and replacing the fuel pump need to pre-buy in the store for auto parts, rubber gaskets, as they must be replaced after each removal of the fuel pump.Now we proceed to the procedure itself.After you switch off the engine, you need to tilt the rear seat "Priory".Phillips screwdriver unscrew the screws that secure the fuel pump.Next, open the hatch and disconnect the pump from all wiring - to avoid confusion, perform marking each wire.And now, attention!To prevent the detonation of fuel it is necessary to relieve pressure in the system.To do this, start the engine and wait until it stops.Next, turn on the ignition and wait 10 seconds, paying attention to the fact that spun starter.After this mandatory procedure disconnect the fuel tube wire, wrapping the ends in clean rags - avoid contamination of the salon.Then unscrew the nut and remove the retaining ring and then, finally, you can remove the fuel pump housing.Then remove gum from the bottom of the housing and disconnect the plastic trough.Well - now you can start cleansing the filter or replace it.Once finished, do not forget to replace the rubber gasket on the new.