How to reduce fuel consumption ?

How to reduce fuel consumption ?

fact that each carburetor passes control characteristics toplivoperedachi using special vacuum bezdvigatelnyh installations.Nevertheless, to avoid "run-up" in the 16% fails - absolute match characteristics too costly to the manufacturer.But during the operation, you can adjust the dosing system, individually and in most cases to a minimum to reduce fuel consumption.So as to reduce the fuel consumption?

Set up the carburetor as follows:

  1. impoverish the main adjustment of the metering chamber of the carburettor system.
  2. adjust the idle speed, it
  3. system verify the carburetor at high speed when the open secondary camera.

Depletion adjustment

We perform depletion adjustment of the metering system by increasing the cross-section of the jet.Usually enough air jet section lift devices 2105 and from 1.7 to 1.9 mm, in carburetors 2107 1.5 to 1.7 mm.Now if the car smooth acceleration from 60 km / h with the throttle primary chamber appears palpable two or three-second delay increasing the speed of th

e crankshaft, install an air jet with a smaller (0.05 or 0.1 mm) section.At the same time ignore the jumps and dips with a smooth beginning of the movement and its drive in low gears at low speed.

Adjusting idling

  • When the adjustment of the metering system is chosen, it is possible to adjust the system idling.Now the main task - ensure the highest lean mixture and at a very low speed, and a transient mode (near the edge of the throttle vias through which fuel flows).
  • Using the above steps, it is possible to accurately carry out adjustments on the run idle with only a tachometer.Then stroke adjustment system is to select the installation tuning screws.He is in a transition mode determines the composition of the mixture.Remove the cap metal hook.To do this drill in its region through-hole drill of 2-3 mm.
  • first transition mode is adjusted at idle with the engine running without load.To do this, gently and slowly open the valve of the primary chamber.Keep on the tachometer for the engine speed changes.Uniform increase in engine speed in the process of opening the valve indicates the absence of the transitional repauperization composition of the mixture mode.If the speed is no longer increases, adjust the "pereobednena" mode.This method of estimating the mixture and its composition does not allow to detect transient mode pereobogaschenie mixture of one character change of the shaft speed.So adjust the transitional regime "impoverish" series, in several stages, and after a minimum "enrich" to eliminate the failure.
  • After each rotation of the adjustment screw you want to restore the original quality of the screw speed, back to the previously selected adjusting the composition of the mixture on the go idle.Here's how to reduce fuel consumption.

carburetor Checking

now in a transitional mode, check the carburetor work load.To do this smoothly starts moving and moving at low speed in each gear.If no expression engine failures and jerks are found, then the system is considered idle adjusted.Paint or glue fix the adjustment screw, which is not necessary in the operation is no longer touch.

If some of the modes of operation of the engine with minimum wide open throttle butterflies seen bad driving quality cars, it is necessary to adjust the position of the tuning screws, screwing it into the smallest number of turns only to the disappearance of failures.If it do not forget to adjust the position each time the quality of the screw.

Now you know how to reduce fuel consumption.The carburetor will not suffer.