How to assemble the rack ?

How to assemble the rack ?

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How to assemble the rack?

In the event of a breakdown Strut in the car must always be replaced as soon as it can be.To do this, you can use the services of experts, referring to a specialized auto repair.However, there is an option to replace the counter with his own hands.Let us consider how to assemble the stand.

Replacing old

Strut Immediately should mention that in this case it will go to replace the spring strut, as it is breaking this part is the most common.

you need the following tools for the job:

  • Keys on 13, 17, 18, 21 mm
  • Allen key 6 mm
  • key to remove the screws from the wheels

Do not forget, that do all the work, it is desirable togloves.

To replace the rack

Before removing the old stand, you need to put your car on the parking brake and put chocks under the rear wheels.

Then do the following:

  1. Open the hood.
  2. Hold key shock absorber rod, so that he did not make the turn.
  3. Another key unscrew the upper nut.
  4. Remove the thrust wa
  5. use a jack to lift the front of the vehicle.
  6. Put the car on support.
  7. Remove the wheel.
  8. Use the key to unscrew the mounting knuckle.
  9. Turn out the top bolt of fastening of a fist.
  10. During that how you will turn out this bolt, follow the guides brake finger.It is necessary to keep from inadvertently turning.
  11. Then pull the slide forward, that is, simply pull it out.
  12. Remove the bottom bolt of fastening of a fist.Thus you will be able to release the stand.
  13. If you see that the front is still quite usable, and the spring needs to be replaced, you can not change the rack.It will be enough to remove the old spring and put a new one.


rack In order to make the assembly of the rack, perform the following steps:

  1. Install the rack so that it was at the top of the stem.
  2. Gently squeeze the metal rod.His work surface should eventually rise above a glass of 2-3 cm. The compression rod should be performed smoothly and without jerks.
  3. Fixing stock, return it to its original position, gently pulling toward you.
  4. This procedure should be repeated 2-3 times.This procedure is called "pumping shock absorber."It is necessary to carry out its subsequent installation.
  5. After the procedure, you should check the operating status of the shock absorber.Several times, squeeze tightly and pull sharply back to the stem.He should go smoothly and quickly.
  6. Next you need to put a buffer compression on the spring strut.Buffer generally consists of two coils, which when mounted on the spring must abut against the lower cup rack.
  7. Once you fix both wheels, set the upper spring cup.
  8. Attach the upper bearing and secure it with a nut.
  9. You can then remove the buffer with a spring.

Should I seek the help of professionals?

course, every car owner who is faced with such a problem, you may have a similar question.On the one hand, professional assistance in this case can really come in handy, but the cost of the service will depend not only on service prices, but the state of your car.

We can say that the pump and collect the rack - it is a simple matter and can cope with it yourself.But in order to replace the old stand on a new well may have to resort to the help of a pro, since experience shows that it is at the time of removal of the old stands are damaged parts of the machine (eg, finger knuckle).

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