How to install mud flaps ?

How to install mud flaps ?

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How to install mud flaps?

Fenders - are important elements of the car, which protect the wing from the car being hit by water and mud.Thanks to them, you can permanently maintain the integrity of the body.But as mud flaps are operated in conditions of high humidity and aggressive funds that replace them requires relatively frequent.It is important to be sure to know how to install mud flaps, their functionality is not reduced.

What will it take for the work

Before you put the front and rear mudguards, in addition to their need to prepare the following:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • a sharp knife;
  • spanner;
  • screws;
  • drill with drill bits;
  • washers;
  • plugs made of plastic.

How to install mud flaps: User

To make it easier to install mud flaps, you want to take the wheel.Next, you need to dismantle the mudguard staff.As a general rule, it rests on two screws and fixed to the wheel arch and screw made of plastic, located on the bottom nut.Therefore we need to pro

ceed as follows:

  1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screw furthest.Then put it aside and begin to dismantle the next fastening element.At the very least loosen the screw.To prevent it from scrolling should be during this work gradually pressing down the mudguard.Then pull the plug out of plastic, and then paste the prepared cover.Then remove the old mudguard and clean the place where he was.
  2. At this point, need to fit a new part to the size of the old one.To do this, place the purchased mudflap on a flat surface.On it lay Stroe product and cut the extra part.It is better to do it at an angle, then the finished part will have excellent aesthetic characteristics.Then re-map the mud flaps and make a new product mounting holes.
  3. mudguard Fix bought at a regular place, pulling out pre-cap.Use new screws and the screws.Be sure to further secure their washers.This will allow a mudguard stay tight, so even in poor road surface, they do not come off.

Likewise mounted rest mud flaps.Then set in place the wheel, and then need to test the new parts.It is necessary to perform a test drive.If during it will not be heard creaking and rustling from the wheel, it means that the mudguards are installed correctly.