When changing the fuel filter ?

When changing the fuel filter ?

Fuel Filter - is an important component of the fuel system, which determines the efficiency of the engine and, accordingly, supplies and dynamic performance.Modern fuel, unfortunately, does not always meet the requirements that are put forward manufacturing plants, declaring cardinality and resource performance of a vehicle.Often overwhelmed with all kinds of fuel additives and heavy metals, causing increased wear of parts, not only the fuel system, but also the engine itself.In this process, the fuel filter is difficult to overestimate the role, because he first takes on poor quality fuel, making it effective cleaning before it gets into the engine.

Replacement filter

When changing the fuel filter?Timely replacement of the fuel filter ensures the proper functioning of a car engine.Normally it is included in the regular maintenance and care of the fuel system.Because of the fuel supply it depends on both the engine performance of cars, and the duration of its life.As a rule, the plant-manufactur

er specific model guidelines indicate through what about timing of the fuel filter replacement is required.If you use more or less quality fuel it changed about once every two years or when a particular run, its value should be reflected in the technical environment management model cars.

But how often to change the fuel filter in practice?For example, if the manufacturer's recommendations indicated that the procedure should be performed every 40 thousand. Kilometers, then, taking into account the "quality" of the fuel and the Russian road realities, it should be done no later than every 30 th. Km.


faulty fuel filter is very important not only to know how many to change the fuel filter, but also be able to recognize the signs of contamination.First of all, this is reflected in the engine is started: there is a bad draft.In addition, with a sharp acceleration of the engine can suddenly go deaf, and idling his work will be accompanied by a non-uniform and jerky.

Of course, these symptoms may be contaminated with the air filter or nozzles.But this is a consequence of the fact that for the fuel filter maintenance is performed correctly.