What better shock absorbers on the WHA ?

What better shock absorbers on the WHA ?

proud owner of VAZ rear-wheel haunt foreign cars, which are easily surpass "the classics" on the track.In an effort to go faster, they establish a five-speed transmission, and believe that you can now safely press on the gas and "fly."After 100-120 km / h "Zhiguli" are beginning to wobble and sway.Increase speed only complicates driving.After vases were designed in the late 60's, they are absolutely not designed to conquer the highways.Factory unilateral oil shocks lead to slight compression springs and more complex stretching.Because of this, under certain roughness and velocity, the spring does not have time to stretch and quickly due to the resistance movement of the rod, promotes the appearance of buildup body dragging behind him.

So if you want to improve the car, first of all replace the shock absorbers.Being lost among the huge number of existing proposals, many motorists have long to decide on the best absorbers of VAZ.To answer this question it is necessary to understand the types of shoc

k absorbers.Mainly used for oil, gas oil with a variable stiffness and gas oil conventional - with linear characteristics.

Comfortable classic

Oil shock absorbers use oil as the working fluid.They are suitable for drivers who prefer a quiet and comfortable ride on the road, far from ideal.If you have a four-car gearbox, it is not conducive to fast driving, and you pick up the shock of vases 2107. What better buy in this case?Do not get involved in conventional gas-oil shock absorbers.Their main drawback - the transfer of high shock loads, which leads to frequent breakdowns suspension components, as well as the loosening of fasteners plastic interior panels, reduced body stiffness, etc. The main advantage of the hydraulic shock absorbers -.. Their price, which is significantly less than that of the gas-filled.


Gas-oil shock absorbers contain further the injected gas under pressure.They are more expensive oil for thirty percent, and will suit lovers of aggressive behavior on the track.These shock absorbers are well kept road when traveling with small and big irregularities.Due to its characteristics of gas-oil damper VAZ hood, better presses the wheels to the road, contributing to a more reliable behavior of the car when cornering.If you appreciate the manageability and enjoy proper cornering the car - gas-oil shock for you.With their installation do not forget to strengthen the body and add a stabilizer bar on the rear axle

double tube gas shock absorbers with variable stiffness, characterized by the middle part of the geometry of the working cylinder, so that the piston is experiencing significantly less resistance to movement, creating softness of the suspension.Updated strut shock absorber 2110 lead to the fact that the acts in the extreme points of increased resistance to shock and become more rigid.

installation and repair

Once we have decided on the type we need shock absorbers, price and by manufacturer, the question arises installation.Installation and repair of shock absorbers requires certain skills of artist and the presence of special tools.Often the rear shock vases 2106 need to be replaced because of the shock absorber fluid leakage or deterioration in the effectiveness of vibration absorption.Experts recommend installing and repairing faults in specialized garages and at the same time be sure to replace the two shock absorber suspension, even if the other is OK.Characteristics of working and new shock absorbers can vary significantly.Failure of the front shock absorbers VAZ-2106 appears similarly to the rear.To test the fault should be rapidly put pressure on a rigid part of the front wing and let go if defective shock absorber, suspension without further oscillatory movements will return to its original position.If the body movements were repeated several times, the shock absorber is not working and must be replaced.