What springs to deliver?

What springs to deliver?

Coil springs - this is one of the most important parts of your car's suspension.It depends on the quality of the spring parameters such as smoothness and softness of the stroke, and drivability.If the spring, defective or damaged, time does not change, the shock absorbers and suspension components will be subjected to increased wear.And it can lead to damage to suspension components and the integrity of the body of your car.Typically, the average life of such a spring 10.5 years, with the proviso that the average is 15 cars running 000 km per year.However, the domestic off-road shortens the life of the springs to three years, due to their subsidence and damage to the coil.And then the question arises - how to choose the spring, knowing that for domestic and foreign-made cars, they are different.

Choice springs for domestic cars

greatest number of existing springs for "Neve", "Lada", "Samar" and other domestic cars produced at the WHA.The choice of what is best to put the spring will depend on th

e brand of car:

  • In - First springs are placed, which are designed for installation on the rear suspension.And they are used for the car - versatile classical assembly.Previously, this was considered a model VAZ-2102, is now considered - VAZ-2104 of various modifications.Springs can differ only by the difference in length due to the specific design of these cars.Externally, the springs are marked with the corresponding color.
  • In order to establish such a spring in the model VAZ-2105, 2106 need to know the purpose for which these are placed spring.If the installation of the springs is striving to increase the ground clearance due to the subsidence of the body, which is due to wear and tear of the body, then this setting will make sense.In the running characteristics of the car then it will not change.
  • Also, choosing what to put the spring, it is necessary to remember that for each of suspension springs can be installed only one class.If you set the front suspension spring class "A", then the rear suspension is similar to put.Only in the case of springs for the rear suspension of the corresponding class is not available, it is possible to mount the rear suspension springs which are "Class B2.But to do so it is possible only in exceptional cases.
  • If the front suspension set-class "B" spring is mounted on the rear suspension class "A" can not be categorically spring.
  • is also worth remembering that the right and left side one axle cars also need to install the springs of the same class.
  • If you want to know about the installation and the choice of springs for domestic cars, you should familiarize yourself with tips and instructions that are found here or here.

Choice springs for cars

springs for cars characteristics are progressive and linear:

  • linear characteristics springs mean that the springs do not change their properties with increasing load on them.Stiffness of the springs is not changed, as if they were not loaded.Therefore, choosing what spring is softer, it is worth paying attention to it.
  • Progressive characteristics, on the contrary, change the properties of the springs according to the load increase.The load of this spring, the stronger increase its rigidity.
  • There are four types of springs, the most common - the standard, they usually replace the original springs cars after they wear or breakage.
  • also have reinforced springs, they are installed on cars that periodically increases the load on the rear of the car.Typically, this car with a trailer.
  • Yet there are variable spring load with a variable pitch, they are set to increase ride comfort and work only in moments of stress increase.
  • Last kind of springs - it lyuftovye or sports.They are set to raise the vehicle for a certain distance.
  • Buying spring should apply only to specialized auto parts stores.Only there you can buy models of springs that can be used for a long time and successfully.The leading companies - manufacturers of springs are: Killen, Suplex, K + F, LEJOFORS.Replace with new springs is only after being hit by a car in an accident or after damage to the front and rear axle.

For a more complete reference to the factors of choice and installation of the springs should refer to special sites, for example, here or here.