How to wear pads ?

On reaching the age of puberty, girls begin to be interested in how to wear pads.Unfortunately, not everyone can consult about this matter quite intimate with her mother or friends.That is why the question remains of how to wear pads, and even their right to choose.

Choosing the right type of gaskets

Today there are many different types of hygiene products - pads with wings and without, daily and nightly, for thong panties and ordinary.To choose the right one or the other type, you need to know a few things about the seals.

Buying pads, do not save too.Low price may indicate poor quality fiber, which will not only float the skin, but can cause allergic reactions.

most popular and convenient today considered shims, because the thicker may interfere with the movement.The level of moisture absorption can be quite high.This is determined using drops drawn on the package with the gaskets.Daily gaskets have one drop, while the night - five drops.Better to buy a few options gaskets as profuse discha

rge during menstruation tends to increase and decrease.

best to buy pads, packed individually.In addition, they reduce the risk of infection, they are also easier to carry in a handbag or purse.

How to wear pads

After you have chosen a gasket, to remember even a few rules on how to wear them and use correctly.

Rule 1

Before dressing pad, you must wash your hands with soap and water or disinfect sanitary napkins.

Rule 2

Best of all, before putting on pads, take a shower or a case of having intimate hygiene.If this is not possible for any reason, you can use wet wipes for personal hygiene, which are easy to buy in any store household chemicals.

Rule 3

If you bought pads without wings, after opening the package, at the most you will see the laying of only one tape.Under this lies the tape adhesive strip, which should keep the pad on the underwear.So, remove the tape and carefully stick to the lining of panties in the place where they are narrowed.

If the pads with wings, then there will be two additional strips on the wings.First you need to peel the average, very large strip, then the strip with one wing, and another.

done everything correctly, you will almost feel the discomfort, and will now feel much more confident.If the first time you have something not work - do not worry, you can always watch the video on how to properly wear pads.

Remember that the interest in the proper handling of personal hygiene products - is not a shame, but helpful and very correct!