How to use tampons ?

How to use tampons ?

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How to use tampons?

Tampons are a bit more complicated to use than the pad, but it is much less visible and more comfortable for many people.In this article, we'll show you how to use these means of personal hygiene, as well as give answers to the most frequently asked questions about tampons.

Types tampons

  • Tampons 1-2 drops - it is for girls and women who have heavy periods too.
  • Tampons 3-4 drops should be chosen at medium and heavy secretions.
  • Tampons with an applicator are needed for more accurate and convenient administration and represent a kind of "syringe", which enters into the body cavity of the same roll of absorbent material.Suitable for the "newcomers".
  • Tampons without applicator.

Using tampons with applicators

  1. Wash hands and podmoytes.
  2. Take a comfortable position.There will need to find a position comfortable for you.This may be the position of squatting or standing, when one foot is on a low stool.
  3. now relax as much as possible in the
    pelvis to the introduction of the tampon was as much as possible convenient and fast.
  4. middle finger and thumb of one hand grasp the applicator in the middle - in the place where the narrowest part becomes wider.
  5. other hand spread the labia.
  6. Gently, slowly insert the applicator into the vagina to the full depth of its widest part.
  7. Now slowly push the end of the narrow part of the applicator to the tampon inside the moved inside the body, that is, until the narrow part of the applicator does not fully come into its widest part.Must remain "free" only special rope - with it you will then retrieve the swab.
  8. remains only to remove the applicator - also do not need to hurry here, so as not to injure the mucous membrane.

Without applicator

  1. Wash hands and podmoytes.
  2. Take a comfortable position and relax your pelvic muscles.
  3. Take swab thumb and forefinger of one hand at the base (on the side where the rope exits).
  4. fingers of the other hand spread the labia and gently insert the swab.It is better not to enter directly upwards and towards the spine.If at any point you feel that further wad does not pass, it's just a little change its slope.
  5. Now middle or index finger push the tampon into the entire depth of the finger.
  6. Do not forget that the outside you will have to stay thread, with which you will be after removing the swab.

How to remove a tampon

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Take a comfortable position and relax.
  3. Take swab the rope and pull - it goes smoothly.
  4. then wrap it in an opaque package, napkin or toilet paper and throw in the trash.The toilet can not throw tampons, otherwise you may provoke the blockage.

Useful tips

  • If you are planning to engage in active motor activity (a lot of walking, running, dancing), it is better to supplement the use of a tampon daily seal to prevent leakage.
  • If discomfort after the introduction of the tampon for a long time does not pass, or you notice that laundry is still dirty when using tampons, it's likely you incorrectly enter a tampon.Try to move it deeper or replace a new one.
  • Tampons are not suitable for women who are too copious.In this case, will give greater protection to sanitary napkins.For heavy discharge is better to choose the gasket 3 drops or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age begin to use tampons?

From the first day of the first month.Just choose a small tampons for 2-3 drops.If their size is insufficient, the swabs to replace gaskets.

How to use tampons if I am a virgin?

Just as women do.Carefully and correctly inserted a tampon can not harm the hymen.Choose products for 2-3 drops.

Can I swim with a tampon?

Yes, long and warm water.If the article is correct, then the water can not get inside the vagina, and blood, respectively, does not fall into the water.

Can a tampon go further into the body?

No, because the barrier is tightly closed cervix for him.

How often should I change tampons?

every 3-4 hours.Firstly, it prevents the accumulation of germs.Second, it eliminates the risk of leakage.At night, use spacers.

Do I need to change a tampon after going to the toilet (at-large, is small)?


What should I do if I can not remove the tampon?

first try to stretch the muscles of the vagina (as if you tuzhites during defecation) - in most cases this is enough to swab himself above the vagina.If still it does not work, then try to get a tampon fingers of the hand.If you could not, in the same day, see a gynecologist - he can in just a few minutes of quick and painless for you to cope with the task.

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