What tampons better?

Tampons, certainly - a very useful and convenient invention, because women today live a very active life, and it is important for them to keep it such, and in the critical days.What made tampons, how they differ from each other, which is better to choose tampons for swimming or playing sports?All this we will try to find out.

What tampons are the best?

All pads are made on the same technology of the compact, absorbent moisture.As for what tampons are the best, it depends on the individual characteristics of the female body.For example, you can choose the appropriate, based on the number of selections: Normal, Super and Super Plus.The latter type of swab is also suitable for swimming and sports.

There are scented tampons, but they should not be used in the propensity to allergies.As for what kind of pads better - with or without applicator - then know that tampons with applicator, saturating humidity, is greatly increased in length, and without applicator - wide.Therefore, to flow from the first

just above, but they are much more hygienic because tampons without applicator should be administered only washed clean hands, and it is not always possible.

What better buy tampons?

examining the demand for these products, it is possible to understand what tampons are good and which are not.Russians prefer the three types of pads: «o.b. »,« Tampax »and« Kotex ».«Tampax» is produced from a mixture of cotton and viscose.Convenient applicators ensure complete hygiene injection procedure.Tampons «Kotex» distinguished by the flexibility and the ability to easily take the desired shape of the vagina.And women like modern packing tampons this company.Tampons «o.b. »compact and easy to use, have a silky coating for ease of administration, and the spiral grooves that protect against leakage.

Any tampons are good that if used properly, they do not leak, do not hold down movements, allowing the women to stay cheerful, active and beautiful at any time of his life.