Can girls tampons ?

special hygiene products are available for feminine hygiene during menstruation.Among them there are tampons that are made from natural materials.To use them, young girls are not in a hurry, because they believe that they can cause health problems and lead to the rupture of the hymen.But is it really?Let us dwell on whether the girls can use tampons.

correct choice of tampons

proved that the hymen is flexible and has a small opening through which menstrual blood leaves and other emissions.Therefore, swabs can be used without fear.However, it is important to choose them correctly.Girls gynecologists recommend the use of tampons from the series "Mini".They have a compact size and a small applicator for easy use.

also available for sale tampons, specifically designed for teenage girls.They have a minimal length and diameter.In addition, they provide a gentle finish.This means that the use of such tampons will not feel discomfort.

Gynecologists recommend using small swabs 2-3 days monthly.After a

ll, a significant amount of menstrual blood is released in this period.In the following days, it is recommended to use conventional gasket.

to tampons did not cause harm to your health, change them regularly.Doing this preferably every 2-3 hours.Then they will not be the cause of inflammation of the vagina.

Proper use tampons

to tampons do not cause discomfort, it is important to introduce them correctly, be sure to observing hygiene:

  1. Wash your hands and genitals.
  2. Sit on the toilet or down and little legs apart.
  3. Take swab thumb and middle finger, and then enter the rounded edge of the applicator into the vagina up to the edge.It is important to remain outside the thread, or to remove the swab will be very difficult.

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