How to humiliate a girl?

How to humiliate a girl?

Humiliation girl - a procedure complicated and risky, so - requires careful preparation.Where to start?How to humiliate the girl at ease and efficiently?

How to humiliate a woman or girl

must start with information gathering.Find out what the object of your insults which he has flaws, it will help in choosing the "sore points" for which it is best to squeeze.No less important is the time and place of the future act of humiliation, it is best if it will attend your friends in common.Of course, from the beginning to be understood that, humiliating her, while you humiliate himself.But if your actions are merely a response, exploit weaknesses appearance girls or women at any opportunity to compare it with the other (of course - not in its favor), do not forget about the indifference - is a very effective tool of humiliation.In preparation for such an unpleasant procedure, set themselves internally, because women and girls are very sensitive to hypocrisy.Therefore, your desire to humiliate must be


How to humiliate a Woman words

There are many tactless derogatory phrases.Here are examples of some of them.

  • Do you have recovered!Belly already comes through the door ahead of you!
  • Yes?But my mom said that ...
  • My mother prepares soup is much better!
  • What are you - that Lyudka (Sveta, Nina)!
  • But with my ex, we were doing it better in bed!

Of course, such an approach is justified when all the bridges have burned and about any reconciliation can be no question.In milder cases, uses more subtle ways of humiliation.How to humiliate the girl by chance?

not to congratulate, on the other zasmotretsya

Most men all kinds of round and holiday dates seem simply silly.Approaching Valentine's Day?Scorch grimace of disgust, say something unpleasant to address spins the holiday hysteria souvenir merchants.Tomorrow, March 8?Claim that the communist holidays are not fundamentally mark.Day of grandmother's birthday?Well, here you can laugh in the face of a girl: you do not have to remember the birthdays of her distant relatives!Nothing humiliates a girl like your attention to the other girl, even almost fleeting.The main thing that your contempt for the object that fact, "photographed."But be careful - for such are not dedicated to your evil plans companion may scratch the eye!

not pleased her a gift, not to evaluate a new thing

Even if you had never jumped on her gifts to the ceiling and do not clatter in admiration of her new language dress, indifference in your eyes will be appreciated.We have already mentioned that women are strong intuition and so that's that, and the cold and the contempt they recognize even at a distance!She bought a new blouse, changed her hair, dyed - as luxurious reason to humiliate the woman, without saying with a single word!

not contain words

Although the word and you can say, then ... just do not keep it!Promise to call and did not call.Promise to come and did not come.And then pretend that nothing unusual had happened.The insult and humiliation are guaranteed and ensured a long time!Although, of course, a real man should be above this!