On what day of ovulation ?

On what day of ovulation ?

Ovulation - the egg output, which is ready for fertilization, the process of ovarian follicle into the abdominal cavity.Every woman should definitely be aware of its symptoms, if she wants to get pregnant because it was during the release of the egg from the ovary to the uterus is the highest probability of conception.

process of ovulation

On what day of ovulation?Under normal body functioning women ovulate at it every 28-30 days.Ovulation occurs around the middle of the menstrual cycle.

On the first day of menstruation has already started the process of egg maturation.The body sends a signal that a pregnancy has not occurred, and it will be necessary to prepare for the next attempt.In ovarian follicles is determined, which in this series of "supplier" egg.Under the influence of hormones secreted by the pituitary gland, the follicle to ovulate increases about 20 times.When ovulation follicle looks like a bottle of liquid contents, where the egg (its size - 0.1 mm.).Ovulation

, as mentioned above, takes place in the middle of the menstrual cycle day 16 or 12,14.Now we know what day of ovulation.There is a rupture of the follicle, the egg passes into the abdominal cavity, and from there with the help of the villi of the fallopian tube goes directly into the tube where fertilization can occur.If it occurs, the egg dies for about 12-36 hours.

Key signs of ovulation

  • Pain in the ovary;
  • Change in body temperature;
  • Change cervical fluid;
  • Changing hormone levels.

methods of calculating ovulation days

Most women use the opportunity to calculate ovulation online to bring the long-awaited motherhood.Unfortunately, these online programs can make mistakes.

One of the most popular, reliable and affordable way is to create a certain graph with the results of measurements of basal body temperature.For scheduling will have to be every day for at least 3 months in the morning to measure the rectal temperature, not forgetting to record the data in the table to continue to create a special schedule.Somewhere in the 14 days before the beginning of menstruation, you will notice a slight increase in basal body temperature (at 0.4-0.8 degrees).This temperature rises due to the fact that ovulation has occurred.

following method - determining the time of ovulation using special tests (available at pharmacies), where you can see the result.This test requires a financial investment, since the testing should necessarily be carried out every day.If, however, you will be tested only once a day, it is likely to miss ovulation.Also, if you have an irregular cycle, you can not only rely on the test results.

Another way - to monitor the discharge of mucus from the cervix.The maximum mucus production is dependent on a sharp rise in the level of estrogen and coincides with the moment of ovulation itself.

Another way is a blood test for luteinizing hormone.This analysis can be put into any clinic.When ovulation takes place, the level of luteinizing hormone in the body is much improved.

note that the only reliable method of determining this auspicious day is ultrasound and a blood test for progesterone which is already one week after the confirmed ovulation.

So, now you know what day of ovulation, its symptoms and the most popular ways of calculating the favorable days for conception.Just knowing what day of the ovulation cycle, you can significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant.