Why is she screaming ?

Why is she screaming ?

Creek has long been a powerful way of expressing both positive and negative emotions.Many men are interested in the question of why she cries.I must say that the cause of the crying women can be quite different, men and useful to learn about them.Why

girl shouts reasons

Creek pain and strong emotions

Very often with the help of a girl crying expresses the pain, and this pain can be both physical and mental.From the physical pain she cries, when a strong blow, get hurt, knocks, and, of course, in the case of severe injury, and so. On. This is a normal reaction, crying helps to reduce pain.

But the girls - being more emotional than men, and can express a cry, and heartache.If a man chooses to keep quiet all to yourself and get away, the girl could not hold back their emotions and express them in a scream.For example, so it can react to the Man of saying that it is time to leave, especially if she still loves him still.Also, she can cry and express strong positive emotions.For example, when s

he made the long-awaited marriage proposal, and even in its original form, he can scream involuntarily, and even tears.

Very young girls can scream about everything that does not suit them, as the psyche they have not yet matured and is very vulnerable.For example, the girl screams from what Mama did not buy your favorite toy, because the food is tasteless, do not allow watch cartoons, and forced to sleep and so on. D.

happens that the girl wants to explain his point of view, to bring the truth to the interlocutor, but heit does not understand, interrupts and does not and say the words.In this situation, it is easier to shout his interlocutor that he finally heard what you need.

cry from fear - it is a normal reaction of the girl.She may cry when she feels that she was being chased, attacked her, somehow threaten her health and life.If

always quiet girl in some situation may begin to scream at the guy, he must understand that much hurt her feelings.Part of the reason these men are shouting treason and insulting remarks and actions against women.

bad temper

reason for crying may be bad manners and bad girl character.In people, it is often associated with hysteria and bitchiness.For example, overly emotional girl in my childhood was not taught to behave properly, can easily respond to the cry for something that stirred up in her emotions.Often react so unbalanced woman who can not control their emotions and to restrain them.Let's say you go to a girl on the street and noticed something very funny.Balanced little girl laugh and calm down.Unbalanced scream, so much so that too much attention to itself to attract, and then even starts to laugh long and loud.In this situation, it is important to explain to her that her behavior is not quite normal.

Many girls in a drunken state are cheeky and too emotional, so, too, love to shout to attract attention, to try to bring his words to the source, if it seems that he does not hear her, to teach and to hurt the guy and TD

bitchiness Many girls also love to shout, especially on their boyfriends.Typically, the cry go where no other methods to achieve the desired effect is not.She tries to get the guy screaming to do what she wants.The young man is important to learn to recognize these cries, as they are a means to manipulate and express moods, and in time to put the girl on the spot, but it's not humiliating, but firmly and with dignity.If applied to the provocation, such a woman will understand how to put pressure on her boyfriend, and will often use this method.A cranky cry Do strengthen relations unlikely.

Creek during sex

Many girls screaming during sex, most men said that they do this on a large pleasure.It is nice, but by no means the only reason for crying during intercourse.A girl can scream, and on other occasions:

  • to increase the self-esteem of their sexual partner;
  • to feign pleasure and orgasm;
  • to hide the pain during sex.

Previously, women were shouting only when really enjoyed, and the cry was an indicator of how well a man meets his partner.Now many girls are so skillfully learned to feign cry of orgasm that men simply can not afford to distinguish when her scream - an enthusiastic expression of that big fellow man, and when - just a desire to please his vanity.Better bluntly ask the girl why she was much screaming during sex.

If you go in search of the reasons why she cries while getting an orgasm, the explanation will be so.Sexual psychologists believe that the moans and cries of the women during sex play an important role in shaping and strengthening its psychological connection with a man, and laid it evolution.Acts like this: the woman most sincere way, namely real and not simulated cry, show your man how good it is for her.He sees her cry as a compliment, it improves his male self-esteem, and eventually the pair fold harmonious relationship.