Test ovulation , how to use ?

When a man and a woman conscious approach to family planning, make sure you calculate the perfect time for conception.On the man falls a lot of vaguely familiar abbreviations and names.Let us remember the biology course.Ovulation occurs when the follicle comes ready to fertilize the egg.This happens once a month.For that to happen fertilization, intimacy should occur no later than 36 hours. After ovulation.

most favorable period to get pregnant

probability of getting pregnant every woman has only a few days during the menstrual cycle.These days fall on the period of ovulation.If you are planning a pregnancy, you should live sex lives in these days.In order not to make a mistake in the calculations, each girl must keep your menstrual cycle calendar.

hormone LH

Luteinizing hormone is the hormone that is produced by the brain and stimulates ovulation.Its level increases in the composition of urine, about 36 hours before ovulation.In order to measure this level, scientists have created a special

test on ovulation.How to use a new product, you will explain to the pharmacist or simply read the instructions.With this test, you will know exactly when the optimal plan all conception.

start testing

Each woman must decide itself when to test for ovulation.The main thing to realize the responsibility that falls on you from now on.If the decision is made consciously, then following a few rules, you will cope with everything.

  1. Before doing ovulation test, determine the length of your monthly menstrual cycle.Home tsikla- is the first day of menstruation.And it ends when the next period should occur.
  2. enter the data can be in a table
cycle length Day of ovulation cycle length Day of ovulation
21 6 30 13
22 6 31 14
23 7 32 15
24 7 33 16


8 34 17
26 9 35 18
27 10 36 19
28 11 37 20
29 12 38 21

With the help of the table and the example that is provided in this article, you will be able to know when to do the test on ovulation.

For example, if the length of your menstrual cycle is twenty-eight days, you do need to test for ovulation from the eleventh day following the onset of menstruation.Thus, if your last cycle began the fifth of April, then start testing eleven days after the fifth of April.

Several important aspects

once for the duration of the period of the menstrual cycle, due to the increase in luteinizing hormone, the process of release of mature eggs from the ovaries to the uterus leading to, the fallopian tubes.To embryo developing in the egg, conception must occur no later than thirty-six hours after ovulation.With the ovulation test, determine the level of the hormone LH in the urine.In the case where a high level, can be expected ovulation within thirty six hours.For the probability of pregnancy was higher, you need to have an intimate relationship during the thirty-six hours from the time when I was picked ovulation.

  • To determine the level of LH hormone in urine, it is necessary to drip few drops of urine on the tip of the dough, or to immerse it for a few seconds in the urine container.After five minutes has elapsed, the result will be visible in a window on the test strip.
  • Ovulation Test - a very reliable way to determine favorable days for conception.They show the level of the presence of the hormone LH
  • The package contains five identical cartridges, to determine ovulation.It was created for the woman to double-check the test results within a few days.
  • After you have determined that increased levels of the hormone LH, that sexual intercourse should occur no later than thirty-six hours after ovulation.
  • These tests are very useful for all women who are planning a pregnancy.But there are several factors that also affect the ability of conception.It's smoking, drinking, stress and age.
  • Keep in mind that if the ovulation test did not show increased levels of the hormone, it does not protect you from unwanted pregnancy.You can get pregnant a few days before and a few days after ovulation.
  • If you are unsure about the proper use of the test, then pay attention to the test strip.If there was a red line in the test window, then everything is done right.
  • Note, if you are taking contraceptives or some other medications, be sure to consult with your doctor before you do the test on ovulation.
  • It is best to test the use of the average urine.And to pass the test at the same time.
  • is also important that if a woman takes contraceptives, the result can be misleading.It is necessary to wait a few months before the planned pregnancy.
  • If a woman takes a lot of liquid, it may also affect the outcome.