What if there is no ovulation ?

What if there is no ovulation ?

Ovulation - this is a necessary process when a healthy menstrual cycle in women.Those who do not know or vaguely represents what is ovulation, for what it is and how to calculate it, it is recommended to get acquainted with the article on our website, located at the following link - how to calculate ovulation?

Many women suffer from the fact that they have no ovulation.Lack of ovulation affects the health of both externally and internally.Hormonal balance is disturbed, missing periods, child birth is not possible.Hormonal disorders, in turn, are often the cause of osteoporosis, brittle nails and hair loss.

What if there is no ovulation?

First you need to turn to the professionals and get tested.You should always go to the reception to the gynecologist and endocrinologist to find out the reasons for the lack of ovulation.The reasons may be different:

  1. pathological disease
  2. Lack or excess weight
  3. Venereal diseases
  4. Infectious Diseases

Prepare to be that, you may have to take a blood and

urine tests, do ultrasound of the ovaries, pancreas and thyroidgland, as well as analyzes on hormones and sexual infections.Depending on the cause of the lack of ovulation, the doctor will prescribe you a treatment.If the problem in weight, its normalization is sufficient to display the ovulation.If the reason is sexually transmitted and infectious diseases, the first course you will be assigned according to their treatment, and then you start to restore hormonal balance.If you have a serious illness, the treatment will be immediately directed to the restoration of hormone levels.At this stage, conventional medicine offers special hormonal drugs, but you can also use the herbs.However, if you resort to the help of herbal medicine, consult your doctor first because some herbs can be individually unbearable for you.Also remember that herbal treatment takes a long time, sometimes it takes a few months.

But it happens that the hormonal balance in order, and ovulation still does not occur.No ovulation, what to do?The advent of ovulation depends on the normal growth of follicles.If you have problems with their maturation, the treatment occurs slightly different way.It aims to stimulate ovulation.During the treatment there is an influence on the growth of follicles.The doctor prescribes a course of hormonal drugs - inducers.Outwardly, they are injections that must be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly.In the course of treatment carried ultrasound in order to maintain control over the growth of follicles.Once the follicle reaches the normal size, the woman is prescribed the drug, which completes the maturation of the egg.After maturation occurred, it is possible to conceive a child.

If you do not ovulate, what to do on their own, in addition to medical treatment?Take care of your health.Give up bad habits, eat properly, get enough sleep are more likely to walk the streets, work out and carefully observe hygiene, especially in intimate places.All of this will strengthen your immune system, helps to restore hormonal balance and will force the body to move the treatment without much damage to health.