What is ovulation ?

What is ovulation ?

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What is ovulation?

Ovulation in women is a release of an egg from the ovaries into the fallopian tube, where it becomes available for fertilization sperm.The egg is released only one, each month approximately in the middle of the cycle - for example, on the 14th day of the cycle at 28 dney.Ovulyatsiya lasts 24 hours, at which time a woman has the greatest chance of becoming pregnant.But pregnancy can occur in the presence of in the fallopian tubes sperm.The viability of sperm is stored up to 7 days.Thus, the woman has a higher chance of becoming pregnant within a few days before and after ovulation.

women during ovulation mark mood enhancement, increased sexual desire, improve skin condition.This is the mechanism by which nature helps a woman to attract a mate, and the potential father, as it was in the period of ovulation most likely conception.But such acts are individual, all women undergoing ovulation in different ways and to define it precisely on the physical s

ensations or appearance impossible.The menstrual cycle is directly related to ovulation and is regulated by hormones.Menstruation - is the removal of dead eggs from the body, if it was not fertilized during ovulation.

What is Ovulation Test

Many women, for various reasons want to know exactly when their ovulation.One to avoid unwanted pregnancy, others on the contrary, to successfully conceive.Definitely and clearly determine the date of ovulation only menstrual cycle is not possible, for this purpose there are various tests.What is Ovulation Test?This is a test that determines the level of hormones in the female body.There are ready-made tests for ovulation, which are sold in pharmacies and on the method of application are similar to pregnancy tests.These tests determine the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine, which is the usual days of the cycle at the minimum level, but about one day before ovulation, the level increases.How to use ovulation test - tests should be carried out every day for several days, beginning approximately 3-4 days prior to the mid-cycle, fixing the results, preferably twice a day, as the high level of the hormone lasts less than 24 hours, ovulation occurs on the nextthe day after the test gives a positive result.Ovulation Test can be carried out independently by measuring the temperature in the rectum, the day before ovulation, it sharply decreases.

What is ovulation stimulation

happens that ovulation does not occur, for whatever reason - because of hormonal failure, illness or age of menopause (menopause).The woman's ovaries do not mature full egg, suitable for fertilization, so that the woman can not get pregnant.What is the stimulation of ovulation - a hormone treatment to form eggs capable of fertilization and thus conceive a child.Stimulation of ovulation is not a universal treatment of infertility, it only helps in cases where the problem in the allocation of their maturation oocytes and, if pregnancy does not occur because of tubal occlusion or low motility, stimulation not help.Stimulation of ovulation only doctors, and should be accompanied by regular tests and ultrasound as it is done with strong hormones.One drug application cycle can take up to three courses - three menstrual cycles.Stimulation of ovulation is not recommended for more than 5-6 times in your life, otherwise it may affect the ovaries and accelerate menopause.