From what is thrush ?

From what is thrush ?

Thrush - an extremely unpleasant disease, with burning and itching in the vagina, discomfort during urination.However, this disease can be cured quickly, or simply to take the necessary preventive measures and to prevent its occurrence.

Here you can learn about the causes of thrush.

Under what conditions a yeast infection?

First of all you should know that yeast is Candida fungus, so the disease is also called genital candidiasis.This yeast-like fungus in the vagina have every woman, just need a push, which would be the development of the disease.It is also important to know that candidiasis is not a sexually transmitted infections, but, meanwhile, is transmitted to the partner during sex.For this reason a man can catch it too, or be a carrier, but the symptoms of this disease will be expressed not so much like a woman.See also our article What is thrush.

Violation of the vaginal microflora

main cause of yeast infection is a violation of the vaginal microflora.The reason may be:

  • antibiotics;
  • hormonal changes;
  • hormonal, drugs;
  • pregnancy;
  • radiotherapy;
  • stress, fatigue;
  • contraceptives;
  • hypothermia;
  • lack of personal hygiene.

All this can be the impetus to reduce immunity and, consequently, the development of candidiasis.That's why you should try to protect themselves and less nervous.If you do not treat the disease, it can develop into a chronic form.See also our article passes if the thrush itself.

Other causes candidiasis

Among other reasons, of which there is a thrush, gynecologists called the following:

  • frequent douching;
  • frequent reception of hot baths;
  • large amounts in the diet of flour and sugary foods;
  • properly selected personal care products;
  • synthetic underwear;
  • too tight clothes, in particular, tight pants, jeans.

worth knowing that some diseases can trigger candidiasis.For example, the disease can cause bowel dysbacteriosis, the presence in the body of fungal infections, inflammations in the urogenital tract.

In addition, it should be noted that unprotected sexual intercourse is often the cause of yeast infection, so you should use a condom.More information and factors that provoke this disease, you can learn by reading our article On what appears thrush.