The thrush dangerous ?

The thrush dangerous ?

One of the most common disease in women can be called thrush.The causes of the disease may be very different, and the treatment depends on the severity.

Asked if she passes thrush, all doctors answer in the negative.Like any other disease thrush need time to detect and begin treatment.

How to identify yeast infection?

first need to understand what the yeast to make sure that this disease causes discomfort.Thrush or candidiasis - is an infectious disease that is caused by a fungus called Candida.Can detect such fungi in the oral cavity and in the human intestine.Why

begins thrush?

Candida type fungi are present in the body of any healthy person, but the disease begins when the immune system is weakened.By reducing the general or local immunity fungi begin to actively proliferate, their large number and causes thrush.

Group risk

likely to develop increased if the person was treated with antibiotics: they break and intestinal microflora and vaginal microflora.Also, the risk of disease is hi

gher if:

  • body broken hormones;
  • during pregnancy;
  • in diseases: diabetes, thyroid disease;
  • in all chronic diseases.

symptoms of thrush

to detect yeast infection and start treatment on time, pay attention to the main symptoms of the disease:

  • itching, burning;
  • white cheesy discharge;
  • redness.

Upon detection of these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor to start treatment as soon as possible.

Who can get thrush?

Do not assume that the yeast - only female disease.It can also occur in children and men.Immediately it should be noted that the disease can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse.To protect yourself you need to be sure to use external means of contraception - condoms.

How is thrush?

disease is transmitted not only through unprotected sexual intercourse, although it is the main mode of transmission, but also through personal care products - towels, dishes, linens.It is important to thoroughly wash the dishes, washed and ironed bed linen, then the microorganisms die and the chances of contracting will be zero.

Thrush in children

thrush in children is most often seen in the form of a white plaque formation in the oral cavity - on the tongue, gums and inner surface of the lips.This form of the disease called thrush.

Another kind of yeast infection in children can be a Candida dermatitis.In this case, the child rashes appear in the groin or in the neck.Pimples can occur if the child is hot and sweaty skin under the diaper or diaper under warm.

Consequences thrush

Typically, the illness does not have negative consequences if the treatment was done on time.In rare cases, there are recurrent thrush against a background of low immunity.

is especially important to remember the timely treatment of chronic yeast infections in women.Chronic disease may disrupt the intimate life and create the danger of infection thrush baby during childbirth.

Why thrush dangerous?

Like any other disease, yeast infection causes discomfort and inconvenience.Especially dangerous yeast infection during pregnancy, if the time was not taken proper treatment.In this case, the child may become infected by fungi during childbirth.

If you have any symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.There are many drugs that do an excellent job with the yeast fungus and is absolutely safe to take during pregnancy.

How to protect yourself from disease?

important to remember that protect your body from disease as possible, following the simple recommendations:

  • course restore microflora after taking antibiotics;
  • vitamin complexes to maintain immunity;
  • use of special funds for personal hygiene;
  • underwear made of natural fabrics.

Careful attention to your body and taking care of it will help to avoid any disease, including yeast.