How to win a man of Leo ?

How to win a man of Leo ?

Self-centered and independent Lion arranged so complicated that unambiguous instructions on how to win the heart of a lion man, has not yet come up with even a resourceful Chinese.Nevertheless, and in this instance the spirit and strong body has several weaknesses, knowing that the desired result can be obtained.

If the person who you like, who was born in the period from 23 July to 23 August, then seek his reciprocity have long and patiently.Potential king of the jungle and the head of the family since childhood confident in his chosen, and in adulthood is planning to reign everywhere and always.Let him think that Leo - "around the head", you get "on a platter" gallant and reliable wife, with whom in your tent is not a paradise, but a fairy tale.

Male lion - how to win

effort to please a man Leo, do not forget at least once a day to remind him of his genius, influence and power.Most praise it, with Leo in flattery can not go too far.Especially appreciate Leo, when he or speak about it in fro

nt of witnesses pleasant.In no case do not talk about the shortcomings of his companion in front of strangers, do not discuss his failures and weaknesses.If

says Leo, listen to him in silence and admiration.Do not try to never contradict what the Lion, and even more so, to prove that he is wrong.

reading horoscope - how to win the Lion, pay special attention to the fact that Leo is very jealous.He will not forgive you even innocent coquetry, because providing attentions to another man, you acknowledge that Leo is not for you the most perfect and ideal.

set a goal - to bring to the registrar Leo, dress impeccably and most presentable.Pay special attention to the mane (ie hair).These idealists do not look after well-groomed woman, whether she is at least genius.Male lion forgive his girlfriend Battle unwashed dishes, messy but laid her hair - never.How can he commands the other males, if the second half is not able to maintain basic order in the head?

For all his greatness and superiority, man Lions are baffled by the coarseness and rudeness.Even if you're hurt bad word colleague from accounting or quarreled with a taxi driver, you can not wait for the next call.Good manners his companion - is an essential element of the image of Leo.A representative of this sign of the zodiac in a good mood - very polite and delicacy, he can not tolerate insults, even they are not addressed to him.Council is simple: do not growl at the others.And even more so, on his Lion.But the lion is terrible, it can thunder if it is something not like it, and is often unrestrained in words.Because it is manifested in a relationship with him delicacy and tact, do not bring Leo to kraynosti- a more expensive it turns out!

Despite the fact that the lion - the king of beasts, male lions unusually humane: the sorrows of others they perceive as their own.Yes, and the lion, despite the menacing look has high vulnerability.Try not to touch his weaknesses, treat it carefully, it is like no other sign, constantly in need of sympathy, understanding and recognition of their own merits.Most of all he is concerned about the fear of "losing face", to be in some situation not up to par.Try as much as possible to save Leo from such stresses.