How to win a man Scorpio ?

How to win a man Scorpio ?

you sunk to the man-scorpion and can say with absolute certainty that you need it, only he, and no one else?How to win a man Scorpio?Be patient!Most horoscopes will tell you that it is very few people in the teeth, and is easier to give up on this idea.Perhaps something they might be right - the nature of Scorpio can withstand not every!

Scorpio - very controversial and complex personality, which knows no fear and do not recognize the difficulties.He does not like to drive themselves in a frame and does not allow anyone to dictate the conditions themselves.Scorpio gives the impression of a ruthless, cold, calculating, arrogant and secretive man, and to be honest, it's not so far from the truth - possessing good intuition and analytical mind, he accurately calculate your weak areas that are sure to try to use their own purposes.He could easily provoke a scandal and to bring you into hysterics, because intrigue and play on the nerves - his favorite pastime.At the same time, this is a sensitive and

passionate nature.So how to win a man's heart, the Scorpion?

Male Scorpios appreciate the confidence in women and the most available because they are hard to win.Most often it attracts candid bitches who know his worth and able to defend their interests.

Initially, generate interest on the part of the Scorpio will not be difficult.Like all members of the strong half of humanity, the Scorpion-men attracting female sexuality - your style, behavior, manners - everything must be seductive and radiate sensuality.

How to win the love of a man Scorpio?To fall in love with Scorpio, appreciate and respect yourself, be such what you like and who is not under any change yourself!Be frank with him and do not lie to him, because if he catches you in a lie, then you will forever lose the opportunity to gain his confidence.The second time he will not open.And remember, in order to win the heart of Scorpio, do not let yourself lose your head, even if it is actually the case.Your goal - to make him lose his head and nothing else.Your actions should excite, surprise, puzzle and put it in a deadlock.Allow yourself a bit of madness, and you do not have to wait long for the respect and interest on his part, as he himself likes to challenge others and break down stereotypes.

To win the love of the Scorpion, you must take it together with all its advantages and disadvantages, it is easy to treat his habits, because he's not going to change for no one and for nothing.If it does not bother you and you can easily relate to all his whims and wanton outbursts of jealousy out of nowhere, it is yours.

Remember, to win the love of Scorpio, you should always be:

  • sexual;
  • charming;
  • passionate;
  • with a touch of mystery;
  • original and unusual;
  • separate and independent.

And in order not to lose it, even during a quarrel not let yourself:

  • insult him;
  • ridicule his weaknesses and shortcomings;
  • deceive and disappoint him;
  • press him.

Good luck in winning such a complex man, a Scorpio, and patience after his conquest!