How to tell that she was pregnant ?

How to tell that she was pregnant ?

When a woman finds out about the pregnancy, the first question that arises in her mind, is how do you tell your loved one.If your parents we can tell about the pregnancy without much trepidation, then find the words to his men, sometimes it is given to us with a special difficulty.Remember, the first reaction of your man that he will soon become a dad, still can not say whether it will be a good father or disgusting.

way to tell your loved one about the pregnancy

So how to tell the guy that she is pregnant?There are several ways to tell about her pregnancy loved one:

  1. standard way.As soon as your favorites will be back home, you with all joy, what do you have to hang around his neck and tell about their situation.Remember that your man's reaction will largely depend on the state of your relationship at the moment, as well as how you will lead themselves.
  2. cautious manner.Very often, our men are unpredictable, so the news of the pregnancy may be perceived as a catastrophe.If your partner is t
    he type of people, you first have to test the waters, that is, just start talking about children, about whether they would like a man to have it from you.Subsequently, you can move on to post about your delay, nausea, and mused about how, and whether you are pregnant by accident?And only then, judging by the reaction of a man can put it after a fortnight before the fact.
  3. romantic way.If a woman does not know how to tell her husband that she is pregnant, she can use the most excellent way - a romantic dinner in the excellent restaurant or in your own home.Prepare everything you will need for this event: candles, soft lighting, soft music, champagne and delicious dish.Occasionally a man will not be happy such a reception, so the message that you are pregnant, it is better leave last.
  4. extreme ways.If you're not a supporter of the above methods, you can tell us about your position, when you go with her husband in a car, fly a plane or go by boat.In any case, you will be something to remember, as being in a precarious situation, your man probably will behave as a non-standard way.
  5. sexual way.If you want to convince your man that with the onset of pregnancy, you will not change anything in sexual terms, then arrange it with the revelation scene in bed.Dress the most sexual way (new beautiful lingerie, stockings gorgeous and alluring make-up), create a romantic atmosphere with candles and drag your favorite bed, then let her pregnancy.
  6. Gift manner.If you are thinking how to say that she is pregnant, you can try to teach her husband a gift with a message that he would become a father at a festival.This could be his birthday, Defender of the Fatherland Day, New Year's holidays, Valentine's Day or anniversary of your acquaintance.Packaging him a gift, you can put the top card, which will be written about the fact that you are pregnant.You can also put in a wrapped present as nipple additions, rattle, baby romper or a book about fatherhood.
  7. Telegrammny method.Come to the post office and send her husband a telegram with the message that you are pregnant.Podgadat desirable time of delivery so that you were at home together, to see the reaction of your loved once.The same method can be used by writing your favorite message on the phone, just call him or send a letter by e-mail.
  8. tasty way.If your husband loves your cooking, you can make a cake with a note about the pregnancy inside and put a message about the kid on the bottom of the box of favorite chocolates husband.It will all depend on what your man loves most.
  9. creative manner.It is a common sign that tells about your pregnancy, which can be applied anywhere.For example, you can give her husband a t-shirt with a picture of strollers, pacifiers, or just the words "I'll soon be a father!".You can write at night under the windows, "Dear Andrew, you'll be a father!", And the next morning to pay attention to your man at her first chance, and then seriously.You can order the same inscription on the billboard, if it is located in front of the windows of your home, but you can just change the wallpaper on your desktop, laptop your favorite image on a pregnant woman or baby.

ways to say about the pregnancy at work

How to tell that she was pregnant, my colleagues and boss?First of all, remember that you can hide your pregnancy (as possible) from his colleagues, but (!), Not from the authorities.That your head (head) should be the first to learn about your pregnancy, and it is from you.

It is best to tell the authorities about her pregnancy when you will be at 4-5 months to have still had time to find you a guide replacement, and you were able to provide a more comfortable working conditions for themselves.Talk about her pregnancy without fear, with confidence in his voice, as the right to be a mother, there is every woman.The ideal situation of your conversation with the boss is, of course, to discuss the release date in the decree, the date of your return, and found a replacement for the period of your absence.

As a rule, after the message superior, that you are pregnant, know about it all.If this does not happen, do not worry - soon everyone will notice your rounded tummy!

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