How to get away on maternity leave ?

How to get away on maternity leave ?

you waiting for the baby?This is a great news for you, but at work, unfortunately, not all rejoice in your interesting position.Importantly, do not be discouraged and think about the baby.Prepare colleagues for their care, and they will look forward to your return.Special efforts it does not need enough to know how to get away on maternity leave.

How to tell your care

  • When antenatal clinic you will be given an official confirmation of pregnancy, with pride and joy the head of the fact that you are pregnant.
  • If you are presiding over some division, collect all staff in an informal setting (for example, a cup of tea), if it does not contradict the corporate ethics of your company.Tell them the good news.Do this as early as possible, you still need to have time to hand over all their affairs reliable colleague.4-5 months will be enough to settle all the nuances.
  • Make for yourself a plan of work for the time that is left before maternity leave, and ozvuchte its management and staff of the depar

How to go on maternity leave:

documents All documents on maternity leave should be submitted on time and correctly, that there were no unpleasant surprises.

  • Hospital (maternity leave) make out at 30 weeks of pregnancy.It lasted 140 days, that is 70 days before and 70 after birth.In multiple pregnancies the hospital should be submitted to the 28th week of 194 days.When preterm delivery the hospital issued on 156 days in the hospital.If there are any complications at birth or at discharge, then you will be given another sick leave for 16 days.
  • hospital sheet you get from your obstetrician-gynecologist at the antenatal clinic.If this is not possible, a document issued by the district physician.No matter where you stand on the account: in public antenatal clinic or in a private clinic, and he and the doctor must give you a hospital.
  • before you get sick leave, if you show up conditions that will need to be treated at the day hospital or if you have to put in the hospital.If you get sick at home, instead of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, you will be given an ordinary hospital, and his payment will be appropriate.
  • fill in all the forms in capital letters.Make sure that the document was confirmed by one rectangular and two triangular stamped with the name of the medical institution, which issues a medical certificate.Carefully check all the information that is listed in the document.
  • Take the document in accounting or human resources department.Write an application for leave and maternity leave.

How to get away on maternity leave before

Pregnancy always occurs differently in each expectant mother.Russian legislation stipulates that a woman has the right to maternity leave from 30 weeks of pregnancy.But some women's health does not allow them to work up to that period, so you have to look for solutions, leaving on maternity leave a little early.

  • If you have a health problem, make an appointment with a therapist and tell him about his health.Then the local doctor will prescribe you sick, and you can not go to work.If you're a particular disease, then go to a narrowly focused specialist: a neurologist, cardiologist, etc.
  • When pregnancy complications, such as the threat of miscarriage, contact your gynecologist, who leads your pregnancy.He will refer you for treatment or observation in a hospital, where you will be issued a medical certificate when they prescribe.
  • Write a statement to paid leave, it is given at the request of women every year, irrespective of how it works.Or, if you already was done on this - on vacation at his own expense.
  • If you already have children, and they are under the age of 14 years, the pediatrician prescribes you to the hospital, in the case of children's illness.

about how to calculate maternity, please see: "How to calculate the maternity?".

Before going on maternity leave, arrange with your employees about how you will now communicate.Ask too insensitive to solve their problems independently.And if they can not do without your advice (if you occupy a very high position), to schedule consultations that will not infringe on your interests and the interests of the newborn.Remember, the decree - this is the time when you have the opportunity to enjoy your baby and forget about everything.Enjoy your birth!