How to conquer Cancer ?

How to conquer Cancer ?

you meet with a representative or a representative of the zodiac sign of Cancer?For you, this acquaintance was impressed, and you would like to continue it?In this article we will talk about how to win the heart of Cancer.Consider both sexes.


cancer should be remembered that the sign of this - one of the most vulnerable and delicate.The approach to the people of the warehouse should be special.If you want to get a man of this sign of the zodiac as friends and partners, we must show him the most attention.Let's talk about how to win a man of cancer.

  • Cancers - aesthetes and intellectuals, they love to visit exhibitions and museums.If you do not like the culture, it is not necessary to pretend, so cancer is not your man.
  • Rakov in any case can not be hurt.They are incredibly emotional and their opinion may change several times.
  • Cancerians like to be alone.The best thing to do in this case - to leave them alone.tact they appreciate very highly.
  • Cancer is very important inside the human she
    ll, so the woman should be fully open before him.It is necessary for him, so that he can at the right time to support and comfort her, it is important to feel the defense.
  • Emotional connection is for cancers in the first place.He will be very happy if you feel it.To do this, listen carefully to what he says and try the most unexpected moment to execute his wishes.
  • Quick relations cancer are not satisfied.Only a leisurely chat, shared experiences and emotions can create a foundation for your relationship.
  • In life, these men wish to achieve financial stability.
  • Cancers love to make surprises.
  • These men are very comfortable and feel good in your own home.They
  • romance, falling in love with a woman, crabs will seek, without fail to build deep relationships.If
  • show a genuine interest in his childhood, family, past achievements, it is possible to conquer cancer forever.But it should be done carefully and gradually, otherwise it can flush out.

Woman Cancer

  • Now learn how to win a woman of cancer.It is significantly different from the man of the sign character and patterns of behavior.Keep in mind that cancer is a special sign of the Zodiac.For many men, a woman, born under it - a mystery that it is impossible to solve, but very desirable.What gives her the mystery?
  • Conquering a woman of cancer, we should not forget that it is very fragile and vulnerable, and really needs your affection and care.Do not forget to meet her from work on the way home, help her carry the bag if it is ill, immediately negotiate with the doctors.She must understand that you are around and always the first call of her ready to help.Believe me, it works on a woman Cancer much more than a beautiful bouquet of flowers and expensive perfume.
  • Cancers can not tolerate conflicts.They grieved squabbles and scandals, after such events, they can hardly relax.Remember, people do not happen without flaws, learn to take his girlfriend for what it is.If for any reason you are annoyed, then find the answer to the question of how to fall in love Cancer woman, you can hardly.
  • its attitude to the problems of understanding, learn to listen and hear the chosen one.Woman - Cancer is no need to close it was the right shoulder of a loved one who is capable of empathy and compassion.Even if you have to be bored a couple of hours, as long as your favorite comfortable.
  • Be sure to communicate with her family, in any case, do not forget to congratulate them with a variety of holidays.This woman must see the world and it is your world too.You are always ready to share her joy and sorrow, and to live a common life.You may ask, and relatives here.For her, these people are very important, and they will not remain indifferent to loving her man.Do not disturb her to communicate with your friends.She should not feel that you want to separate from her.
  • Cancer woman has incredible intuition and sensitivity, it can not in any case to offend.It can hide deeply hurt, but will not be able to forget it, because it hurts her too.To change it, just strongly do not recommend.She still will expose you and most likely will not forgive.

So you learned how to conquer cancer.Build your relationship, and remember that the main thing in them - this is your love and sincerity, no matter to what zodiac sign applies your partner.Good luck!