What do exercises for pregnant women ?

What do exercises for pregnant women ?

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What do exercises for pregnant women?

You always led an active life, doing her figure, but now you are expecting a baby and did not know whether to continue playing sports can be?Of course you can!But if carefully.Now you need to quiet activities that will secure both you and your baby.Let's find out what to do exercises for pregnant women.

many years, watching the progress of the pregnancy of different women, obstetricians came to the conclusion that small exercise benefit the expectant mothers.Normalization of breathing during execution of breathing exercises help maintain normal weight, and most importantly - give the baby more oxygen, which is very important for its development.The children of active mothers are born healthy and strong, they learn to walk and talk faster.

Before training

If you decide to play sports during pregnancy, the very first thing you need to do - consult a gynecologist, who is watching you.He must be sure that your pregnancy is

proceeding normally, and you do not have any complications, only then will he be able to allow you to exercise.

few important rules

  • Engage need regularly, but not too intense.The fact is that during intensive exercises, your brain and your heart will absorb more oxygen, which will bring damage to the development of the baby.Your heart rate should be at 70% of the heart rate, which is considered the maximum.Find a special formula on the Internet and calculate for themselves a safe pace.
  • sure to watch your breath.If you do not feel comfortable, you can not talk, as usual, and your breathing intermittently, it is a signal that you are moving unacceptably fast.
  • Avoid complex coordination of movements, jumps, sharp movements.
  • When pain behind the pubic part of the classes do not start.

Prohibited Sports

  • Skiing and rollers
  • Combative sports
  • Diving
  • Running
  • ball games
  • Horseback riding

Exercises for pregnant women: 1 trimester

Between 1sttrimester, women need to be especially careful.Avoid exercises at the press, do not lift the weight, do not jump, but the gym and all can forget.Be very careful!Perform exercises that are recommended by doctors.Examples are shown below.

  • Exercise for relaxation.Standing straight, pull your stomach with your feet shoulder-width apart.Do sighs as though you have a balloon between the ribs, is inflated inspiratory and expiratory down (10 times).
  • exercise for the chest muscles.Standing straight, somknite palms at chest level.Doing inhale, push your hands on one another (10).
  • Exercise for buttocks.Standing straight, bend your knees, feet shoulder width apart.Slowly rotate the hips in a circle, first right, then left (5 times).
  • Exercise of stretch marks.Standing straight, bend at the knee with one leg, and the second become.Please create foot forward, then to the side and back (5 times on each leg).
  • Exercise for the legs and back.Sit on the floor, straighten your legs and spread them apart.Pull the socks and hand dilute that they are parallel to the floor.Breathing in, twist the body to one side, and exhale, return to the starting position (on 5 times for each side).
  • Stretching.Be sure to finish the complex stretching exercises!Sit comfortably and retighten his legs.Regarding the heels buttocks, stretch forth your hands and try to touch his forehead to the floor.Hands slowly stretch forward and relax.

first trimester lasts 14 weeks, but after that you can add to the classes small dumbbells.

Exercises for pregnant women: 2 trimester

Exercises 2nd trimester focused on stretching and strengthening the muscles of the hips, chest, abdomen.

  • Workout.Turns head: sit in a pose "lotus" type, keep your back straight.Make slow turns of the head (10).
  • Twisting the spine.In the same position, spread the sides of the hand, parallel to the floor.Inhale, turning aside all the body, exhale, returning to the starting position (10).
  • Exercise for Breast with fitball.Sit down and retighten the legs so that they touch the buttocks.Bend your arms and grasp of the ball.Using both hands, press down on the ball and strain pectoral muscles (12 times).
  • Exercise for abdominal muscles.Lying on his right side, bend your knees and put his hands perpendicular to your body.Draw a semicircle hand, setting the stage for her back on the exhale.Then, the movement of the neck, look at the hand and turn to its original position (6 times in each direction).
  • Stretching.For extensions use the same exercise as in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Exercises for pregnant women: 3 trimester

During this period, you just need exercises as your body weight begins to increase rapidly.You can perform all the exercises, which are done in the first two trimesters, but it is best to use more seating options.Do not set a goal to lose weight, doing physical exercise;that now you gain weight - an absolutely normal process.Strengthen muscles, to your generations held as the more easily you can, and start to lose weight when already give birth.Exercises to do on the back fitball or a soft cushion, so you will not overtax the spine, but if you fitball difficult not to fall, and exercise you body without it.

  • Workout.Sitting on fitball, keeping your back straight, rotate the head in different directions (10 times).Similarly, the second trimester make spine twist.
  • exercises to strengthen the back muscles.Sitting in a pose "Turkish", keeping the back straight, raise your hands and touch them to the floor.Tilt: right arm drag to the left while inhaling.The other hand should be near the knee on the floor, bent at the elbow.Important: Keep the hips on the floor, and all the movements are performed slowly, to feel how the muscles are stretched.Return to the starting position when exhale (5 times for each side).
  • varices Exercise prophylaxis.Sitting on fitball, keep your back straight and feet shoulder-width apart place.Hold the ball with two hands.Breathing out, the heel off the ground, and while inhaling, return the foot to its original location.Next exhale - tear off your socks, instead of five (10 repetitions).
  • Exercise on the inside of the thighs and the pelvic muscles.The ball should be leaned against the wall itself.Sit back and lean on him.Put your feet very close to her and leaned against them to each other.Try to rest my knees on the floor, pushing them a little hands.Do this slowly (5 times).
  • Stretching.Sit on the floor and retighten the legs under his body so that they touch the buttocks.Extend arms forward and try to touch his forehead to the floor (3-4).

Now you know what exercises can be pregnant.Every half-hour workout a little bit of rest.If it's a hot day, drink a glass (or more) of water without gas.

You can also sign up for group exercises for pregnant women.Never start the gym, if you feel hungry, better eat some food and drink some liquid in approximately 15-30 minutes prior to exercise.If you want to know more, what kind of exercise for pregnant women, a video can help you in this matter.