How to restore balance ?

How to restore balance ?

Often love comes to an end, parted partners.But it can be returned!Before you decide how to restore balance, identify, and if you need to return this man?For whatever reason, there was not a break, it's still wrong, and almost never fails to glue all destroyed, so that everything was as before.If you carefully weigh everything and decide that you need balance so that it is impossible to live without them, the host for the preparation of a list of measures that you will take to restore balance in your arms.

Return man Libra

Return a man born under the sign of Libra, is very difficult.After all, they are great family men, and if it went from the woman, the option of return, they do not even discuss.Therefore, if your partner - Libra, very closely follow the world of the family, to ensure that the relationship of a man is not in doubt.But if a woman makes the first step forward, then he would simply deny inconvenient.He pomnetsya and postonet, but will go to conciliation.And if it comes to his re

turn to the family, the woman herself to decide and try to draw him into a situation from which it is no longer extricate himself because of his loyalty and integrity.For example - the pregnancy of his wife returns a very good option.Or forthcoming marriage daughter.

In addition, when deciding how to get a man Libra, remember that he is a big fan of good food in the family nest.Arrange for a romantic reconciliation, even intimate atmosphere in your home, prepare a delicious light snacks, hot flavored tea with pastries, cover the table beautiful and elegant place napkins.Well, all that this implies, must occur.

If you have to figure out how to return the guy scales that you do not even her husband, then use this advice here.All the time, men do compliments, not only on the exterior, but also the mental capacity, high intelligence, gold hands.These praises, along with everything else, as we said above, can not act!

Return Woman

Libra Girl Libra always appreciate romantic character traits of the elect, so create some "reckless" steps that you make in front of her.Just do not blackmail its arguments like "or you're mine, or jump out of the window."Practicality Libra will not allow you to believe, but only amuse and infuriate.It is better to lay roses her name in the snow beneath her window, drove her to work in a posh car, send it by courier bouquet of favorite colors, giving it a small bear with a note.In short, trying to think how to return a Woman Scales, turn into a gallant knight who fights for his lady's heart.And then lead her to a restaurant, give gifts, Bring on the ski base, the forest, the sea, anywhere, as long as you were there together in the most romantic setting.She considers herself the scale, how much you cost these fun and come to you, lest in vain these unimaginable tools!