When do ultrasound in pregnancy ?

When do ultrasound in pregnancy ?

most magical, exciting and positive time in the life of every woman - a pregnancy.This period is filled with a lot of new emotions, feelings, sensations.After all, at this time a brand new life, which is very rapidly from a tiny cell in a woman's body turns into a real man.Today we talk about the US and about when to do ultrasound in pregnancy.

What does the ultrasound during pregnancy

A few decades ago a woman for the whole period of pregnancy could not even imagine what it looks like inside the fruit.All depended on the will of God and believed that everything would be fine.But nevertheless, no one was safe to have a baby with certain abnormalities or diseases.New technologies have gone far ahead, medicine tries in every way to secure and protect the woman and the fetus from any inclement weather.And one of the most detailed examination of methods is currently the US.

When to survey

pregnant woman, of course, wants to see its fruit and make sure that everything is in order, as soon as pos

sible with him.Consider when to do ultrasound in pregnancy.

In connection with certain rates of fetal growth and standards to eliminate any possible deviations in its development, doctors it was decided to do ultrasound examination or screening of the so-called three times for the entire pregnancy.The first examination at 10-14 weeks of gestation, the second - in 20-24 weeks, and the third is closer to the birth - at 32-34 weeks.As we have already said, the timing of the designated purpose.At each stage, the development of certain vital organs kid whose livelihoods must be checked and, if necessary, take steps to address health problems.

What can be found on the US

The first screening of the main focus of the survey is the condition of the mother and the environment that surrounds the baby.It is at this period a woman can learn from her singleton pregnancy or prolific.As the baby is placed inside her and whether enough it amniotic fluid.The first screening is urgently needed to prevent ectopic pregnancy.This term is already clearly visible handles and baby feet, you can even count his fingers.He already makes active movements, but they have not felt for most moms.

In the second screening, you can already determine the sex of the child, with the successful location of the fetus to the physician, who conducts ultrasound.The fruit is still more like a little man.Mom is already beginning to feel distinctly active movements and periods of sleep your baby.

The main purpose of the screening is the third survey of the whole situation before delivery.Analyzes the fetal presentation, pelvic or normal.The amount of amniotic fluid (normal or not).

How do ultrasound in pregnancy

Very many women care about how many times you can do ultrasound in pregnancy.Someone interested in this question, just for my own peace of mind to go once again on the procedure and make sure everything is fine.And somebody come in really difficult cases, and they worry that the extra procedure to bring harm to the child.

cases complicated pregnancy (when it is necessary to make US more than three times), not only to allow additional conduct of the procedure, but are mandatory, because doctors need to understand which policy reference of the pregnancy to choose what to consider in the future.And the mom in this case will be much calmer.

simply because doctors do not recommend additional ultrasound as harmless whatever procedure may be, the body has to carry a certain load, which can cause consequences.