Why dream of cheating ?

Why dream of cheating ?

Dreams are a reflection of our subconscious, they reflect issues that concern us most, and often solutions.But dreams can also simply express our concerns, and therefore it is better to clarify what dreams treason.

Other downers give different interpretations of what the dream cheating lover.

Dream Miller

example, in Miller's dream book says that cheating is a harbinger of allegations of illegal actions.So, if a woman has changed in his sleep with his best friend partner, he will soon grow cold to her.If seduced young guy - soon it waits for a break in relations.In general, the dream of cheating a woman to ensure that she will destroy his character love his companion, what to look out for.But if you resisted the seduction of another man - it is good news that says that even in the dream you remain faithful to your partner.

But what dreams cheating husband?In the same Dream Miller said that the need to guard and look at his wife, since he can neglect your trust.

Dreams Hёsse

completely different interpretation of the dream book in Hёsse.It says that if you have changed in the dream, the reality awaits the end of all sorrows.If you have committed treason themselves, on the contrary, the number of troubles increase.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

The dream book Denise Lynn said that cheating is a reflection of what your desires and charges are not consistent with each other.Or is the person with whom you have changed in a dream, you draw some qualities that you have subconsciously wanted to see for himself.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkov

The dream book Tsvetkov also has been suggested that if the dream of cheating a man who is married, it may result in fire.

Dreams Freud

In Freud's dream book, the famous psychoanalyst who studied the psychology of dreams, said that the infidelity dream is a harbinger of adultery reality.Although, if you dream of a betrayal of a loved one, it can be simply groundless suspicion and better right to talk with your partner.

In any case, dreams - this is just a dream, and do not take everything to heart.