Why dream about flowers?

Why dream about flowers?

Healthy sleep - the most pleasant experience for many people, and if you dream of something good, something nice double.Why dream of a flower?For once in your life any of us dreamed of flower meadows or donated to someone bouquets of flowers.

If you are walking in a dream by a large flower garden - an auspicious dream that promises good things and good friends.Individual colors (especially white and red) foretell the joy and fun.But if you plant them in the garden - is in trouble and a possible slight losses.

If you dream you pick a flower, then in reality you will have the opportunity to go on a date, getting an unexpected compliment or a kiss.Withered flowers symbolize the disease, anxiety.

What dream bouquet of flowers?There is much more favorable.Bouquet of flowers in itself symbolizes the good things, the acquisition of happiness in love.If you collect a bunch, you are waiting for a pleasant, albeit small, home joy, perhaps someone from the family is preparing a surprise for you.Many bouq

uets, presented to you, talk about new pleasant acquaintances and circle of good new colleagues.But given you a wilted bouquet heralds coldness in a relationship or marriage.

What dream flowers individually, and if the result depends on the flower?Dream book say to dream aster - to meet reality with mysticism.Periwinkle dream to pure love, but henbane tells us about the presence nedobrozhelatelnitsy.As a rule, this is the dream nedobrozhelatelnitsa henbane and holds or gives you.Nettles, seen in a dream, especially flowering, bodes trouble from bad company.However, if you pull up her in a dream, it is just the fact that in reality you from evil men escaped.Cacti growing on the windowsill, I tell you that you are too rigidly behaving towards your loved ones.Lovely buttercups dream to treason and treachery, but unsightly mug - to the manifestation of care towards you from a stranger.

But mostly dream about flowers carries a positive charge and promises joy reality.