Why can not we sit ?

Why can not we sit ?

Surely, every pregnant woman faced with a warning that its position is prohibited to sit in a pose legs crossed.Is it justified from a medical point of view, or acts silly omen that came to us from the time of his youth superstitious grandmothers?In this article, we'll explain why pregnant women can not sit cross-legged.

Truth and fiction

So pregnant women are actually not recommended to sit with his legs crossed, but about the real causes of the "contra" knows not every representative of the fairer sex.Many have probably heard that such a posture can lead to deformity of the child or to the curvature of the legs.Naturally, the scientific evidence of such assumptions can not be, because no relationship between this pathology and posture can not be found the expectant mother.

However, it should be noted that these warnings and have a logical explanation, and therefore should listen to them.When you position the foot on the leg veins of the lower extremities of women are squeezed, which may tri

gger the development of varicose veins.Special care is required expectant mothers predisposed to this pathology.This disease leads to blood stasis in the extremities and thus to edema.Varicose veins, in turn, can also cause blood clots, which constitute a serious threat to women in position.

Against this background often worsens blood circulation in the pelvis, which will certainly affect the development of the fetus.It increases the risk of fetal hypoxia.This phenomenon in early pregnancy is often fraught with anomalies in the development and the later can cause premature labor.

Why else can not sit cross-legged, pregnant?Because the leg crossing is also harmful for the spine.During pregnancy the center of gravity moves that provoked increase in the load on the back muscles.Thus, osteohondroznye pain may also increase.

Important recommendations

If you already see at the first symptoms of varicose veins, you should immediately begin the stimulation of blood circulation in the lower extremities.Recommended during the day often lift the legs in the supine position by placing a pillow under him.This exercise promotes blood flow to the feet, and thus reduces the risk of swelling and blood clots.

In addition, pregnant women should avoid and other poses.These primarily include posture "Turkish" squat posture, podgibaniem legs under him and hunched posture.

should also be remembered that even the seat in a safe position should not be prolonged.Every hour, it is recommended to get up and is doing light exercises.Very useful to knead toes, clenching and unclenching them.You can also perform a circular motion feet.You must know also that posture, causing discomfort to the unborn baby, usually provokes increased activity on his part.Therefore, if the child is uncomfortable, he certainly will let you know about it.

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