How many can identify a pregnancy ?

How many can identify a pregnancy ?

Sooner or later, but in any woman's life comes the most exciting moment - a pregnancy.This is the woman's purpose - to give life, to be a mom.women meet often with the question - how many you can identify a pregnancy?

Period of pregnancy

In the very first week after conception a woman does not even suspect that is in the interesting position.During this period, the process goes back and it lasts 9 months.

After fertilization, the egg, so to speak, "attached" to the uterus.This occurs on the fifth day after conception.There she spends nine months.There may be feelings such as severe pain in the abdomen and smearing blood separation.Determine the pregnancy is quite simple - to the doctor gynecologist.He will thoroughly examine and explain what needs to be done to save the pregnancy.Consider some of the first signs of pregnancy.

first signs of pregnancy

  • One of the surest signs of pregnancy is considered to delay menstruation.So watch your cycle, to know exactly the time of onset of menstruat
    ion.However, not all cases this is a sign of pregnancy.Violations of the cycle may be due to stress or illness.
  • Pay your attention to the fact that about a week after fertilization, the embryo attaches to the uterine wall.In this period, as mentioned above, possible pain and bleeding.
  • At an early stage of pregnancy the expectant mother is under stress.As a result, a woman suffering from a headache, irritability, extreme fatigue and dizziness.
  • toxicosis - known to all the trouble that accompanies many pregnant women.Sometimes, it can even appear on the second week of pregnancy.
  • Women who have extremely well developed intuition, just a few hours after conception can have confidence that they are pregnant.

also about when we can determine pregnancy, the gynecologist can tell you in detail.In most early pregnancy can help identify a blood test for hCG.