How many you can find out about the pregnancy ?

How many you can find out about the pregnancy ?

woman after each sexual act quickly wants to know about her pregnancy (it is, of course, about the planned child).She runs to the drugstore for a test or to a doctor as soon as menstruation delayed a few days.However, not always in very early stages of pregnancy can be seen.

When can learn about pregnancy

We thoroughly consider how many you can find out about the pregnancy.Many women want to know as soon as possible about your pregnancy, whether planned or not.Some ways to determine pregnancy, we offer in our article.

First of all about the pregnancy (have 3-5 day delay) can be found by passing a blood test for hCG (the direction you give gynecologist).By the way, on the same principle are pregnancy tests (they show the presence of the hormone (hCG) in the urine).Sometimes the test shows the two strips in 5 days, but it depends on the physiology of the individual woman.It is very important to count 14 days from the date when it was ovulation test shows only accurate information.

on fetal ultrasound can not see at the very early stages;accurately determine the presence of the fetus by ultrasound can be about the fourth week.

Signs of pregnancy

If a woman well, I so can not wait to be informed at the earliest possible timing, it will help to monitor the other.It is about suspected and probable symptoms.As it is possible to determine pregnancy within the first two weeks.

  • Tentative signs

Drowsiness and fatigue, sudden intolerance to usual meal (or simply a change of taste), changes in sensation in the chest (engorgement glands and their special sensitivity), nausea, frequent desires in a toilet "in the small" and so on.P.- That a woman can observe if pregnancy occurs.These signs suggest not trust, because they are conventional and are so individual that different women may manifest itself in different periods.

  • Possible signs

These symptoms are more accurate and can be trusted to a greater extent.They come later than conjectural.One of the first - this is a missed period, and it should not exceed ten days.However, there is drawback: a woman with irregular cycles, can be very reassuring himself not, all of a sudden this is another failure.Since the first week, most women breast increases significantly.Uterus changes (it becomes bluish color, changes in volume, etc.).Some define pregnancy by measuring basal temperature (in pregnant women, it does not fall).This method is used from the first days of conception.

  • unmistakable signs

you feel the stirring of the fetus, the doctor will be able to listen to his heartbeat and see his skeleton (of course, with the help of special equipment).The doctor will be able to feel the fetus through the abdomen (his position, presentation and so on.).

summarize that by how much you can learn about pregnancy.In the early days of delays (12-14 days after conception), you will learn about pregnancy, passing the test for hCG.Prior to that, we can only speculate on the pregnancy or other grounds.Approximately in the fourth week you will be able to most accurately confirm the pregnancy using ultrasound.