What you need to take with you to the hospital ?

What you need to take with you to the hospital ?

Many mothers as they approach the appearance of the baby start to get nervous and worry about how everything goes, you need to take with you to the hospital, that they might need, and you might need for your baby.To my mother felt as comfortable as possible, it is better to prepare in advance the things that need her at the hospital.Having collected a bag with things in advance, in a quiet environment, you will not forget anything, and relatives do not have to run to the shops and buy more necessary in a last-minute rush.

What you need to take to the hospital It certainly

various documents.The direction of a physician or a contract with a personal physician if you give birth in private clinics.Main:

  • card exchange with the results of tests and ultrasound.
  • health insurance policy.
  • passport.

The fact that you may need during labor:

  • aerated water (2 liters).
  • shirt and coat, if your hospital does not issue treasury of things, which is rare today.
  • Slippers - must be washable, is importan
    t, not comfort and hygiene, so instead take a favorite teddy best rubber flip-flops, in which you can walk in shower.

Sometimes you can take a camera or a video camera, but not all hospitals permitted.It is better to find out the doctors in advance if you want to photograph the appearance of the child.Besides these things are usually in the maternity ward to take anything not allowed, but you need to prepare in advance a bag with things that you will need after birth.

What will need after birth

  • shirt or coat with a zip front - it's more convenient to feed the baby, but in some hospitals give out their home and are not allowed to use it, so it's better to know in advance whether you need them.
  • Hygiene supplies - toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel (better to take the baby), washcloth, towel, comb, toilet paper and a cream or oil on cracked nipples (Bepanten).
  • Sanitary pads with high absorbency.
  • Disposable panties - they are lightweight and made of mesh for better ventilation, normal wear shorts in hospitals is not allowed.
  • diapers for the baby.For newborn diapers fit from 3 to 6kg.child's reaction to them may be different, it is better to buy more high-quality and small packages, so you can just change the brand, when suddenly the baby's skin reacts badly to them.
  • absorbent diapers.Usually they give, but it is better to stock up.
  • Cotton sticks to handle navel newborn.Brushing their nose or ears should not be, as the skin and mucous baby too gentle.
  • Baby soap under the diaper cream, wet wipes for babies, socks, Scratchy and hat for baby.They not only protect from the cold, but also to help your child not to scratch, because it is poorly managed by their own hands.
  • may be needed and chest pads, absorbent milk, and breast.
  • Food breastfeeding should be chosen with care, usually in hospitals have lists of authorized products.A cup, a spoon to drink tea in the evening.Dinner in the hospital very early, before breakfast would be difficult to endure.
  • mobile phone, and be sure to take him to the charger.You can take something to read, you will most likely time for this.

What will need to discharge home

This package will also need to collect in advance and show the husband or relatives, where he is at home, so they brought him on the morning of the day of discharge.There will be:

  • Clothes for you and for baby clothes.Be sure to consider the weather, if you go to the hospital in the off-season, the weather can change dramatically, and instead of a light cloak you need have a warm coat.Put in a bag for the baby clothes of different sizes, you do not know what size it is born.
  • also better to look for an envelope for baby diapers and to extract, envelopes, too, are unseasonably warm or light.
  • Beautician.On discharge usually photographed, the memories of this wonderful day will be better if the photo you'll be in great shape: made-up and coiffed.

After giving birth in the hospital you will be given the documents: medical records and a certificate to the registrar for registration of the child.Register your child and get on the waiting list to kindergarten or Dad's relatives are on the morning of the day of discharge.

And most importantly, do not forget to bring a good mood, love and care.They will help to make sure baby's first days and more pleasant for you and for him.