What you need to know pregnant ?

What you need to know pregnant ?

When a woman receives a confirmation of her pregnancy, she was for some time loses his head.Well, if the pregnancy - a happy event;if the appearance of the baby is not in the immediate plans, it is, of course, the joy of a little.However, we are now talking about those people who wish to become parents, who wants a baby and pregnancy for them - wonderful news.What you need to know for pregnant to this long period of gestation has not turned into crumbs ordeal and struggle with the obstacles?

What you need to know a pregnant woman

Usually a woman defines her pregnancy on their own with the help of the test.Times are such!That is, as soon as the expectant mother feel any signs of pregnancy (morning sickness, missed period), as a rule, it makes the test at home.

first piece of advice: if the test is positive, you should immediately go to the antenatal clinic.Do not wait, do not waste time.Even if you feel great.Pregnancy may be ectopic.It is rare, however, it can cause irreversible consequences.

doctor prescribe the necessary tests to rule out complications in the earliest stages.

The sooner you examine the obstetrician, the more accurate it will count the possible delivery date and define the term.

When going to the doctor?You need to register up to 12 weeks.So I recommend experienced moms.


Every pregnant woman should know that you want to visit a doctor every three weeks.We have taken twice during pregnancy blood test for the presence of antibodies to HIV, hepatitis and syphilis.Ideally, these tests should be done three times (once in three months), but in practice it is usually not the case.Do not pay money for blood sampling, these analyzes should be carried out for free!

complete blood count is done more often.Typically, once a month.A doctor monitors the level of hemoglobin, pregnant women often suffer from anemia in the later stages.Yes, and all inflammation in the body will manifest through this analysis.

Urinalysis is required to hand over more often - once every two weeks.The level of sugar, white blood cells, blood discharge, mucus - all of which can indicate serious problems or not.

What you need to know about pregnancy

Remember that pregnancy - a joyful state, and not a disease.The kid in the womb feels that something is wrong, if you behave like a patient.Try to enjoy all that is good, to visit places where there are many beautiful and brilliant.Museums and exhibition, flower fairs - do not miss the fact that it can bring positive emotions.

Previously it was believed that a woman should be in a position to look only at all the aesthetic, that the baby was also born with the right features.Of course, there is no reliable confirmation of the fact.

is difficult to continuously enjoy life when you have early in the morning to go to the clinic for tests and sit in the queue to see a doctor.Try to get round all the turmoil.For example, try to drive less by public transport, often walk around.Inform the people in the queue that are expecting a baby, give them the opportunity to let you go!

follow not only the well-being, try to look and appearance.To prevent stretch marks appear on the abdomen, should be lubricated regularly growing tummy baby oil and wearing a bandage.If there are signs on the face pigmentation (small dark spots), use a whitening cream.Often they are after delivery.

Finally.Do not believe the superstitions!Rejoice in his position and bears the crumbs with pleasure.