As sterilized cats ?

As sterilized cats ?

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As sterilized cats?

The question of sterilization of cats owners are turning to veterinarians very often.The reasons for spaying and neutering cats is enough.Home - a tendency to multiple.Cats Protection League (England) reported that in the five years unsterilized cat and subsequent descendants would be able to increase the number of their offspring by 20 thousand.Not every owner of a favorite animal is eager to engage the device kittens your cat in good hands.That is why many owners pets are thinking about how to sterilize cats.That's what we'll talk about it.

  • sterilization cat - an operation to remove her ovaries (sex organs), but without removing the uterus.
  • Castration cats - an operation to remove all the organs of procreation (the ovaries and uterus).

reasons sterilization cat

reach sexual maturity cats differently.The first sign of hunting in some cats begins to manifest itself in six months, but in most cases from 7-8 months, can later.At this point, th

e host cat immediately be added hassle and headache.Bored "murkane", "meow", and often candid cat cries, shouting that such requests cat.Note that in this case the cat will not give the owners of a vacation.Also, the cat may just run away from home, but do not punish her for it.To avoid such problems, just make sterilization.Also sterilization of cats at an early age is much reduce the risk of mammary tumors.In addition, cats are living longer sterilized.

We found the most significant reasons for sterilization of cats is recommended.Therefore, if you are not a breeder of cats and do not want to include Cat's offspring, we recommend that you seriously think about her sterilization.Weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and if so contact your veterinarian to arrange transactions.

On the Internet you can see how the cats are sterilized, with the operations of the video provide veterinary sites.After this operation, the cats completely stop the estrus and ovulation.The hunting instinct is not lost, but the animal will be more relaxed, it is a fact.The operation does not last long, the recovery period - one to two weeks.Good pet's age for castration - about a year old.

Where do the operation?

best option - Veterinary Clinic.Operation is simple, but still approach it with seriousness.We should not forget that each cat can individually respond to the injection of anesthesia.