Sterilize whether the cat ?

Sterilize whether the cat ?

Taking a kitten in the house, some do not even think what will happen when the baby gets older?And for good reason.After all, with older animals big hassle.This is especially true of labor in cats.Agree, not everyone will be able to distribute 5-10 kittens per year, and not everyone can drown, and this is inhumane.The best way out - sterilization of the animal.Although many people do not agree with this, sorry for the animal.So whether or not to sterilize the cat?Let's look at the pros and cons.

What sterilization and how to make

Sterilization - a dressing or partial removal of the fallopian tubes cats, maintaining production of sex hormones.For this surgery is performed under general anesthesia (asleep animal).It makes a small incision in the side (the preferred option) or the white line of the abdomen, which is then sutured.Do not think that the post-operative care for a cat to be time-consuming.So it was before, now other options for operations.You do not even have to handle the wound Zelen

ko, to make sure that did not touch the cat seams.The only thing that is necessary, it is quiet.To depart from the anesthesia the animal can and two days, but the more sleep, the faster the healing.

Positive aspects

  • You do not have to "wrestle" what to do with kittens.
  • The cat will not heat, and hence the mood swings.
  • Neutering helps prevent many diseases of animals: breast cancer, urinary tract diseases, diseases of genitals.
  • no secret that during gulek cat can "spoil" in any place, sterilization and solves this problem.
  • Tablets that give an animal in heat, causing hormonal failure, which is fraught with tumors, sterilization, hormonal system is not affected.

Negative points

  • Not all animals are equally well tolerated anesthesia.It is not necessary in the evening and in the morning to feed the cat, if surgery is scheduled.
  • Sometimes it can occur increasing body weight, the cat asks for more food.But it is possible and control.

So the question concerning whether it is possible to sterilize the cat, we would say: "Not only possible, but sometimes you need to."The operation is performed at any age after sexual maturation of an animal.Approximately 7-8 months can already be sterilized.Adult cats also carry out the operation, but the older the animal, the less it suffers anesthesia.