When changing the spark ?

When changing the spark ?

reliable cars constantly relevant.Trouble-free operation of the engine - an important element of movement, spark plugs have contributed significantly to the smooth running of the mechanism.The planned service life of high-quality candles - 30 thousand kilometers, but there are situations when the change is necessary to spark off-plan.

Weather tells you when to change

From correct operation depends on a lot of candles in the car engine life.It provides the ignition of the combustible mixture in the engine, making it continuously and with great frequency.If the candle is faulty, it leads to loss of vehicle power.When changing the spark plug, a good cold weather dictates.At low temperatures, the amount of voltage from a faulty candle is not enough to start the engine.Multiple spin starter lead to battery depletion.

Faulty spark - large financial losses

Pass in the ignition creates prerequisites for the release of unburned fuel in the exhaust system.On modern cars it can damage the catalyst and s

top the engine.Replacement of the catalyst - costly event.Destruction insulator suppositories may enter the combustion chamber of the fragment and damage to the piston.Out candles failure also affects the increase in fuel costs.

summarize.Engine Runs Rough, poor cold weather starting, increased fuel consumption - features of a situation when you need to change the spark plugs.

Symptom candles candles

condition can be determined by visual inspection.Remove it and replace you can own, using a spark plug wrench and small technical skills.The main features of release candle down:

  1. Oil deposits on the electrodes and insulator glossy.
  2. soot deposition (fouling) on ​​glossy insulator and electrodes.
  3. Reflow central and side electrodes.
  4. Clogged spark gap between the electrodes.
  5. cracks or obvious destruction of the insulator.

However, due to the design features of some cars to get a candle alone is difficult.

Not knowing exactly when to change the candles, it is better to address to experts HUNDRED.Even one candle by malfunction can lead to engine damage.