What if candles flooded ?

What if candles flooded ?

Many motorists anxiously awaiting the arrival of autumn and winter, as this period is rather complicated for them and for their cars.In cold and wet weather, start the engine a little harder.Most often, the car will not start - pours candle, so we need to resolve this issue before you hit the road.

main signs

The easiest way to deal with what to do when the candles suddenly flooded, if we understand how the engine is running after, when I was turning the key in the ignition.Process begins with a starter.This small electric motor starts slowly "push", thus spinning the car engine.With the pistons and valves are dispersed starter, supplied to the combustion chamber of a mixture of gasoline and air.

This mixture is ignited by a spark that creates a spark plug, so there is a small local micro-explosion.After that, the car starter is switched off, because thanks to the energy microburst car cylinders begin to work together, causing the engine to start.

Naturally, filled candles to start the engine

fails, as evidenced by the main features of filled candles.At the same time the starter will auto scroll crankshaft wasted, nothing more will happen simply.If the turn after the spark from the engine, you will see that it is wet or just damp.In any case, its normal operation will be impaired.

Also, there are situations when in cold or wet weather, even when fully serviceable candlelight mixture in the combustion chamber just can not ignite.This typically occurs when the air temperature is below -15 degrees.At this temperature, the mixture is cooled too much, so there is no definite chemical reaction responsible for the heating of the mixture.Due to the low temperature of the mixture by the spark of the spark plug is not able to ignite it.The result is a mixture of a candle flooding, which leads to malfunction.Usually motorists describe this situation as "the cold pours candle."


problems logical question is what to do if the candle was flooded?There are several ways to solve the problem.The simplest experienced motorists believe wringing all the old spark plugs.After some expectations with the help of specially designed for this you need a spark plug wrench to screw a new set of candles.Of course, it can be done only under the condition that you were prepared in advance, new spark plugs.Such a method is not very economical, so many owners of cars this solution is not very pleasant.In addition, such a situation can be repeated periodically, and to buy in each case, the new set - not the best idea.

Lean drivers prefer to solve slightly different problems.Bloodthirsty candles need to carefully unscrew and take them to the garage or home.Here candles need to warm up to a certain temperature, which can identify visually.So many drivers think that the best thing that candle was red-hot, as only in this case it can be effectively cleaned of residues and sludge mixture.Experienced motorists say that in this case the ceramic core candle is damaged, which is not very good.After this heating the surface of the spark is no longer smooth and level, so you have to polish it with sandpaper or sandpaper.

The fastest way to solve the problem of filled candles is their warming with the starter.To do this, it is necessary to squeeze the gas pedal, and then rotate the starter motor while the engine.Thus you will be able to dry the fresh air and cylinders, and candles.Usually car starts after the accelerator to remove the leg.This method works great on cars with a fuel-injected, and a carbureted engine.However, there is a risk that the battery will discharge faster than the candles will be dry.