Why can not I get pregnant?

Why can not I get pregnant?

question before many women: why can not I get pregnant?It can not be answered unequivocally.For each organism, each living in a different climate in, including emotional.The reasons why it is difficult to get pregnant, a lot, and they are all different.They may depend not only on the work of the female reproductive organs, but also on the work of other organs of the female.

why a woman can not get pregnant?The answer to the question of why it is difficult to conceive, may be the following reasons.

Violations during ovulation

Why not become pregnant during ovulation?40% of women do not become pregnant ovulation due to its violation.are constant in women's ovaries processes that are responsible for oocyte maturation and moving it into the abdominal cavity.The sperm fertilizes the egg, after which it can develop into a new organism.And in violation of ovulation in a closed egg from the ovary into the abdominal cavity, so pregnancy can not occur.Such problems arise after some ported diseases and

lead to infertility in women.That's why a girl can not get pregnant.

obstruction of the fallopian tubes

Why can not I get pregnant?In 30% of women do not get pregnant due to improper development of the fallopian tubes.Usually infertile women the fallopian tubes are clogged or damaged.This happens as a result of abortion, ectopic pregnancy, in the abdominal cavity operations, diseases of the fallopian tubes and uterus.You often can not get pregnant because of the obstruction of the fallopian tubes after diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia.If the fallopian tube is not blocked, then it encountered sperm and egg, otherwise the meeting does not take place and pregnancy does not occur.

Problems with cervical

Women with normally developed sexual organs cervical canal is filled with much mucus.Mucus need for better passage of sperm through the cervix to the egg.When violations are usually rather thin mucus, or it is simply not enough, and sperm can not get through it to the egg.Also the chemical composition may be broken in the neck of the uterus.Such a violation is possible after the transferred infections, sexually transmitted infections, if disrupted slime glands, it happens when the uterus erosion or inflammation of the cervix.Because of problems with the amount of mucus in the cervix often do not get pregnant.It should be treated, erosion removed, as long as these problems are not caused infertility.

Endometriosis Endometriosis

leads to the widening of adhesions in the abdominal area, inhibits the activity of the fallopian tubes, pushes or even disrupts ovulation.The disease is accompanied by pain in the abdomen, fever, brown creamy discharge just before menstruation.To never ask themselves: why can not I get pregnant, endometriosis should be treated urgently.Without the intervention of the doctor-genekologa endometriosis uniquely over infertility.

Another cause of infertility can be a variety of diseases of the uterus:

  • malformations of the uterus (congenital or acquired after surgery or trauma),
  • inflammation due to infection of postponed or weakened immunity,
  • benign tumors,
  • cyst.

All violations require urgent medical intervention.

Polycystic ovaries Polycystic

accompanied not only by a change in hormones, but also by changes in the structure of the ovaries.External signs of polycystic: deviations in the cycle, increased body hair skin.Internally, on the background of the disease reduces the production of sex hormones.The disease is detected by ultrasound, in which vision changes ovary.Usually it is increased in 2 times, and the outside is covered with a so-called capsule, through which can not penetrate inside the egg, even if it is ripe.Early diagnosis of the disease will help to get rid of him.

woman may be infertile, not only because of one any reason.There may be several.The presence of a single reason not to preclude the presence or appearance of one or more of several causes of infertility in women.Such variations are common, and the correct definition of such a combination will help you choose an effective course of treatment.

Unfortunately, the cause of infertility is not always possible to identify even with the thorough examination.In this case, infertility is called "unexplained female infertility."

To avoid the various causes of infertility, it is recommended time pass gynecological examination (at least once a year) and to follow the doctor's recommendations, so you do not ask questions: "why can not I get pregnant?", And thought, why not get pregnant right away.