What to do to get pregnant ?

What to do to get pregnant ?

Pregnancy - a welcome event for most women.Unfortunately, it happens that a woman can not get pregnant for a long time, and couples desperate, and sometimes, unfortunately, because of this, even disintegrate.

When doctors can not give a reasoned explanation, we can understand that hope fades.But do not give up!In fact, there are so many ways to prepare for pregnancy, and in any case should not stop trying.

In this article, we'll show you how to prepare for pregnancy, what to do if you can not, and how to get pregnant as soon as possible.

What to do first?

pass inspection

First of all, you need to undergo a medical examination.This will help determine the overall condition of the body and its readiness for pregnancy and childbearing, to identify factors that prevent getting pregnant.It is important to remember that the examination should undergo not only a woman but a man.

Survey for women:

  • Analyses on hormones;
  • swabs for infections;
  • AK antibodies to rubella, toxoplasma.
  • pelvic ultrasound.

Survey for men:

  • Spermogram.

We follow the menstrual cycle.

You should keep a menstrual cycle calendar.It is known that the most favorable time for conception - is the period of ovulation.It lasts only about a day.Prior to that, a few days the egg matures and if fertilization does not occur, perishes.It was the day before ovulation and the need to "catch" to conceive a child.

How to calculate ovulation period

Calculations are very simple, but you should understand that they may not be accurate.The cycle may be varied.This is for each woman individually.

Determine the duration of the cycle.The first day - the first day of menstruation, the last - the day before the start of the next menstruation.The standard number of days of the cycle - 28, but it can vary from 20 to 30 days.Consider an example of a standard cycle.

If your cycle for a few months is 27-28 days, counted from the first day of the month 14 days - this will be the day of ovulation.Just in this day and it is worth thinking about trying to conceiving a child, because it is best suited for this purpose.

well help define this period ovulation test, which can be purchased at the pharmacy - it is completely safe and painless.


If these methods do not help you, we recommend you carry out monitoring of folliculogenesis in the center of the ultrasound.Folliculogenesis - it is a process of growth and maturation of follicles inside the egg.If you observe this process, it is possible to determine the exact date of ovulation.This procedure is absolutely painless.

Tips to accelerate

  1. process of conception Some people believe that by correctly chosen posture depends fertilization process.No "special" item no.The main thing - be careful not to allow the sperm flowed.Otherwise, the woman will have to raise a basin using pillows, walls, and so on. D.
  2. Do not overdo it.From frequent attempts sperm can lose its quality.Remember that sperm can remain active up to 3 days.If you do not want to stop trying, you can visit with a physician partner for verification of sperm activity.
  3. Less stress.Stress is always a negative effect on the body and your overall health.He just can influence the cycle.If you are in a balanced and relaxed state, then it will only be for the better.If you have a job related to constant stress and nervous tension, try to enroll in courses of yoga or meditation.Or just often do something that brings you pleasure - listen to your favorite music, read books, spend time with their family and friends.
  4. sure to keep a healthy lifestyle - eating right, avoiding harmful habits.Sports or simple charging as a beneficial impact on the rate of conception process.Limit the use of various chemical drugs.Eliminate from the daily diet fried, fatty foods, fast foods and foods with preservatives.More to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked foods, broths.

If you follow the above guidelines, you can greatly increase your chances of pregnancy, even if this did not work before.Try again and again.

Methods piece (artificial) fertilization

If still get pregnant for a long time does not work, you can resort to artificial insemination.

These methods have been developed for those who are diagnosed with infertility.Nowadays, these technologies are growing and improving every day, so the chances of pregnancy are increased.

There are several methods of artificial insemination.You and your doctor select the one that fits best for you.These methods are used not only for infertility, but also pregnant with a small probability.

Thus, we consider basic:

  1. intravaginal insemination - sperm is injected directly into the vagina
  2. intrauterine - qualified personnel perform the procedure on VMI-method.
  3. in vitro fertilization (IVF) - with all the phases of fertilization are in the lab, and after successfully passing their embryos are introduced into the body for the development of women.After implantation of the embryo into the uterus of the woman observed within 4-6 weeks.If pregnancy does not occur due to various reasons, then there is a need to discuss with your doctor the possibility of repeating the procedure.

Note that these treatments are not cheap.They can cost anywhere from a hundred thousand or more.Price depends on the type of procedure, the clinic in which you have applied, and other factors.Before taking such a decision, you need to carefully explore the Internet for all kinds of clinics and prices.

Try to read reviews about the clinics and get in touch with people who have passed a similar procedure.Perhaps, you will advise something better, and tell how the procedure is and how quickly it is possible to get pregnant after, what are the odds.

Do not be afraid to do it, because every such situation can happen, and the board of knowledgeable people to help you make the right decision.

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