Can I get pregnant after a month ?

Can I get pregnant after a month ?

Pregnancy - biological condition of women, the result of which is the birth of a child.For each, it can become a long-awaited, and junk.It is linked with many myths, including the one that the pregnant immediately after menstruation impossible.It is proved that it is absolutely safe days does not exist, the only question is the probability of pregnancy.In different periods of the menstrual cycle is not the same chance of becoming pregnant.Therefore, in order to more accurately and fully respond to you, whether it is possible to get pregnant immediately after menstruation, it is necessary to understand the menstrual cycle.Every woman has his own.

menstrual cycle and fertilization

menstrual cycle - a cyclical changes in the body of a woman who is of reproductive age.Beginning the menstrual cycle - the first day of the month, the end - the first day of the next menstruation.Standard cycle is 28 days, but every woman he can range from 21 to 35 days.The menstrual cycle consists of four phases: mens

truation, proliferative, ovulatory and luteal.

  • Menstrual phase - the period of menstruation.If a woman is all right to health, the periods last from 3 to 7 days, depending on individual circumstances.It is the most painful period, the main symptom - bleeding from the uterus.This happens because the uterus pushes the layer with the unfertilized egg, which then comes out with blood.
  • next phase - proliferative.It is connected with the preparation of the body for the next ovulation.Ovulation - the egg from the ovary, ripe for fertilization.Preparation for this process begins before the end of menstruation.The ovaries enters follicle-stimulating hormone, which helps to increase some of the follicles.After some time, one follicle grows larger than the others.In this phase the amount of estrogen in the body increases.It helps to refresh the layer of the uterine lining, which has been removed from a dead egg during menstruation.Estrogen affects the cervical mucus, which is becoming averse to sperm.This period can not determine the exact number of days.Its duration is influenced by many factors related to women's health (lifestyle, sleep and diet, illness, etc.).Average duration - 2 weeks after the end of menstruation.
  • next phase associated with ovulation.This is the most favorable time to pregnancy.An important role is played at this time of luteinizing hormone.It affects follicles and cervical mucus, which is favorable for interaction with spermatozoa.The follicle is destroyed, releasing thus ripened egg.She goes into the fallopian tubes and is awaiting a sperm.The life of the egg does not last long - from 12 to 48 hours.
  • Finally, the luteal phase.The average duration of the period - from 10 to 16 days.During this period, dry cervical mucus that can interact with sperm.Ruined follicle, now called the "yellow body", produces the hormone progesterone.It makes the lining of the uterus strong and absorbent.The uterus becomes very sensitive to the fertilized egg.It lasts for about 16 days.At this time, there is a favorable environment for the development of the embryo.If a fertilized egg does not fall into the uterus, corpus luteum gradually dying, which entails the termination of release of progesterone.And this, in turn, causes the destruction of the uterine lining.Again menstrual phase begins.

What chance of getting pregnant after a month

This is the mechanism of the menstrual cycle.As can be seen, the possibility of pregnancy is small immediately after a month, but is not zero.Many doctors advise to protect themselves even in these days.In addition, women who take the risk to have sex immediately after a month without protection, you need to remember one interesting scientifically proven fact.The semen in the woman's body retains vital functions within seven days.It turns out that if sperm gets into the body immediately after menstruation and ovulation period starts before the pregnancy is provided.It may come a week after the end of menstruation.

fans interrupted sexual intercourse should remember another curious fact.It is proved that the most active sperm appear on the head of the penis to release lubricant at the start of sexual intercourse.In this case, pregnancy can occur if a man touches a woman member of the labia minora, and the sperm penetrate inside the egg to mature.

ovulation period is not precise time limits, so the movement of mature ovum can begin when a woman can not be expected.There is a formula that can calculate the approximate time of ovulation.To do this, you need to determine the average number of days in the menstrual cycle and subtract from this number 14 (the average number of days of the luteal phase).So you find the most appropriate day for conception.This is the best after a month's time to get pregnant (Calculation Example: 35 days (cycle) - 14 days (luteal phase) = 21 days (ovulation) approximately 21 days from the beginning of menstruation a woman with a similar cycle can become pregnant.).

When after a month you can get pregnant

As for the monthly, the most unfavorable for the occurrence of pregnancy are the first and second days.The probability of getting pregnant immediately after menstruation is very low, as the egg is already dead and removed from the body.In addition, a large amount of blood interferes with a solid foundation to secure the embryo in the uterus.But in the second half of the menstrual period, immediately after menstruation, the risk of becoming pregnant increases.Therefore, you can get pregnant after a month since their completion in the next two weeks.The probability of pregnancy after menstruation is highest at this time.

last 6-10 days before menstruation are considered relatively safe, but in this case it is also impossible to say for sure that during this period you can not get pregnant after a month.Many women, based on the fact that their cycle is regular, and knowing the characteristics of the menstrual cycle, use the calendar method of protection.Such a process can not be considered accurate even when the regular cycle, as the woman may not be aware of the changes taking place in her body.And they can largely affect the menstrual cycle.This protection gives way to an accuracy of approximately 50%.About all it is necessary to remember the women who do not wish to be pregnant.

However, women who dream of a child, think about something else entirely.They are more interested in how to get pregnant quickly after a month.To the conception happened as quickly as possible, it is necessary to correctly determine your ovulation period.Do it according to the formula.During ovulation you have sex the most active.Also, it is time for you to the second half of the month until the last week before the onset of the next menstruation.

ovulation period can be calculated in other ways.Pharmacies appeared ovulation detector - a special device that helps calculate the ovulation period.In addition, you can each morning using a thermometer to measure the temperature of the vagina during the month.The highest it will be just in time for ovulation.

This is the basic rule for those who think that getting pregnant after a month is better.Do not forget to also take care of their health, less nervous, more sleep, eat well and walk.Then everything must come out!